Issues With Signal Private Messenger

The most popular private messaging service, Signal, is known to all now. Due to WhatsApp’s privacy update, the non-profit organization-backed messaging application trends in both the App Store and PlayStore in many countries.

Even though the application is more secure and privacy-oriented due to its working pattern and open-sourced code, the user base is still limited. But it is growing day by day, and we can hope to use Signal as the primary messaging application shortly.

Here, we are looking at a few issues with signal application.

Two Main Issues with Signal Messenger

Contact Sync Issue

Last day, we mentioned the contact syncing issue. The contact list of Signal App is not getting refreshed on a real-time basis. Also, the list won’t get refreshed even we do it manually too. Once we checked with other sources, we found that the syncing issue with contacts existed for the past few months.

Still, the issue might be with the server-side, and we hope it will get fixed soon. Since the users are trusting Signal now, the team is more committed to doing these fixes.

SMS Sending Issue

Apart from the Signal secured messaging option, the app is also offering an SMS option. The signal application can be used as the default messaging application on the device like Google Messages.

If you are using Signal as the default messaging application, all the SMS will be listed along with the Signal Chat. So can manage both SMS and Signal Chats from the same window. It is an advantage if you compare with WhatsApp, thereby avoiding another third-party SMS applications.

However, the issue here is that if you try to send an SMS to anyone who is already in Signal, the message will be sent only as a Signal message.

There is no option available to switch between Signal Chat and SMS. If the number/person is not joined Signal yet, in that case, the message will be sent as regular SMS.

But in the other case, SMS sending is not possible with signal application. If there is such a situation in which you need to send an SMS to a signal user, unfortunately, you need to change the default SMS application.

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