Best 5 Zoom Cloud Meetings Alternatives

As the number of pandemic COVID-19 cases continues to surge, the wok from home/ remote working is becoming more popular and widespread. In today’s date, video conferencing has become one of the most widespread and famous platforms to conduct business meetings all over the world. These days’ people are using mostly Zoom Cloud meetings for their work purposes. However, did you know that there are many other alternatives for the same? If not yet, then read our blog in detail to check out the other video conference platforms which can be used for business purposes.

Top 5 Best Zoom Cloud Meeting Alternatives


Are you in search of a Zoom Cloud meeting alternative that is easy to use and can provide the best quality video conferencing? If yes, then the best alternative for the same is “ClickMeeting”. The reason we recommend people to use this platform is because it has all the necessary tools and features which can help people grow their business and its services also come at an affordable price. One can easily schedule a meeting or share work-related messages, record the live meetings and so much more on ClickMeeting.

Pros of using ClickMeeting

  • ClickMeeting offers people its free trial without asking the details of their credit card, unlike other video conferencing platforms.
  • The webinar tool on this platform is great to conduct the best video with the help of its end video solution tools.
  • One can host high- quality webinars very easily.
  • One can customize a few elements of ClickMeeting according to the business needs.
  • Inviting meeting for the meetings is very easy.
  • People can also share their screen for better understanding during the meetings.
  • The meetings and webinars can be easily recorded on ClickMeeting.

Cons of using ClickMeeting

  • Free Trial have some limitations.


Want to try some different and best video conferencing platforms other than Zoom Cloud meeting? If yes, then “GoToMeeting” is just the option for you. This platform has almost all the same functions and tools which are available on the Zoom Cloud meeting. However, if one has to use this platform, he/she has to download a desktop client for GoToMeeting and enjoy all its features just like the Zoom Cloud meeting.

Pros of using GoToMeeting

  • GoToMeeting is very simple to use.
  • One can easily create and schedule meetings here.
  • The free trial of this platform can be taken without the credit card.

Cons of using GoToMeeting

  • GoToMeeting is a little more expensive than Zoom Cloud meetings.
  • Some features such as polling are missing from GoToMeeting.

Adobe Connect

Adobe is one of the most trusted brands in the digital world for so many years. It can be said that the video conference tool of Adobe “Adobe Connect” is as good as its other Adobe tools. The great thing about using this platform is that there are advanced features for idea conferencing. However, this platform is not the ideal option for businesses that are small in size.

Pros of Adobe Connect

  • People can use the whiteboard feature in Adobe Connect.
  • The file-sharing and screen sharing options are available on this platform.
  • Adobe Connect allows various categories such as hosts, presenters, participants of meetings/ webinars, etc.
  • VoIP is also supported by Adobe Connect.

Cons of Adobe Connect

  • This platform is not very easy to use and set up.
  • It is costly as compared to other video conferencing options.

Google Hangout

We assume that in today’s date most people must be already aware of the “Google Meet” feature if they are already using the Google mail- “Gmail”. Well, if you are not aware of the same, then Google Meet is a service by Google with allows people to connect, schedule, share, and host video conferences with other Google Meet users. The reason why this Google Meet is very popular among people just like Zoom Cloud Meeting is that it is free to use. There are many latest features of video conferencing such as screen sharing, easy calendars, etc for better work. The integration of Google Meet is very easy as well.

Pros of Google Meet

  • There are many advanced features for meetings such as screen sharing.
  • It allows users to make use of various add-on plugins that are available online to download.
  • Google Meet can be used on most of the browsers and devices.

Cons of Google Meet

  • It allows only up to 10 people at a time.
  • The quality of video and sound is not that good.

BlueJeans Meetings

Last but not least another best alternative for Zoom Cloud Meetings is “BlueJeans Meetings”. If you are in search of options which can allow you to connect with 10 or more people at one time, then BlueJeans Meetings will be the best option for you as it also has many new and cool features which can also help one to have videos and audios of superb quality with some more additional features.

Pros of BlueJeans Meetings

  • Best audio quality along with the Dolby sound-enabled rooms for meetings.
  • This BlueJeans Meeting can be used on desktop, mobiles, and browsers.

Cons of BlueJeans Meetings

  • One cannot share files on this platform.
  • Among all the plans, the cheapest plan of BlueJeans Meeting does not include the feature of video recording.

Now that you have read in detail about the 5 different and good alternatives of Zoom Cloud meetings, what is your favorite choice from the above-mentioned list? Apart from the platforms mentioned above, there are still many more, which people can try for their business conference. As the regular jobs have shifted completely or 85% to remote working, we recommend people to choose such a platform which suits their needs, fulfill their expectations and finally help them to grow their business & improve the work efficiency of their team during this pandemic COVID-19.

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