As you all know, Android smartphone comes with lots of features, in which some are simple and straight forward. Whereas some other part, everyone knows and bit confused about the use and setup. Today I am going to explain a feature that your Android smartphone provided, which most of the users know, and some others don’t.

So now, move forward to check how to set up a WiFi Hotspot in your Android smartphone and share your Mobile Internet with others. It is pretty simple and can be configured within a minute. So I will explain by each step.

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Step 1: Goto the setting in your mobile

Step 2: In the setting, you can see the ‘More’ section under the ‘Wireless & Networks’ area. Click on that.


Step 3: In the next window, click on ‘Tethering & Portable Hotspot.’


Step 4: In the next window, enable ‘Portable WLAN hotspot.’


Step 5: Click on ‘Set up WLAN Hotspot’ to configure your WiFi hotspot.


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In the new window, Provide a name for your Hotspot. That is the WiFi connection name, e.g., ‘VibeLink.’

Now click on the security and select ‘WPA2 PSK’.

Then enter the password for your connection. Then save it.

Now the setup is completed, and your WiFi Hotspot will be available to other devices. When they search for WiFi connection, ‘VibeLink’ will be visible, where they can connect to the network by providing the Password you added earlier.

Note. If you choose security as none, your WiFi Hotspot will be an Open WiFi, and anyone in the range can access it without a Password. So please remember to choose security and provide a better password.

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