Finally, there is good news for Android users worldwide. Android 10 has been released by Google and it is accessible on Pixel devices and also on Redmi K20 series phones. You would be very glad and excited to know about the Android 10 features right now. Let’s go through the features of the Android 10 features you should be aware of.

A dark mode

In Android 10, you would the feature of dark mode which can be easily activated by going through a quick-tile setting or whenever you are going to activate the option of battery saver. This crowd-pleasing feature will also affect Google Photos, Podcasts, and Search.

Smart reply

Smart reply to all of your messaging apps is one of the best features in Android 10. Now it is only available for Google apps, but now coming to all the famous messaging apps in Android 10. With the help of this feature, you can easily get suggested responses in the likes Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. It will be saving user time for sure.

New sharing menu

Another feature is the best sharing menu which is faster and smoother than the old menu. It will also do a great job of recommending applications and contacts for sharing. This feature of sharing menu will take less time and will be more flexible than your current menu for sure.

Focus Mode

This new feature would help you in focusing by deleting all those distrustful apps and hide their notifications completely. You would be able to access your phone much easier when you do not have to worry about any those annoying apps anymore.

Easy access to settings

By using Android 10, it will be very easy for you to access Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and various other connectivity options. You just have to enter the settings panel and new pop-up window would be summoned by application in certain situations.

Sharing Wi-Fi via QR codes

Finally, Google has adopted this trend of sharing Wi-Fi credentials via QR codes with the new Android update. Most of the famous smartphones brands like Huawei and Xiaomi have already started this feature in their phone long time ago. This new feature is very easy to use and you will not face any issues at all.

Just type on your Wi-Fi connection and press the share button, then verify it with your finger or phone’s password. After doing this, you will see a QR code, and now your friend can access your Wi-Fi by scanning code.
Finally, you are aware of the top features of the upcoming Android 10 in your smartphones. You will also get a warning if your USB port is overheating. It is a good feature to save your device from heating issues. There are also few mobiles from brands like Google Pixel, Redmi k20 series, Nokia, and Sony would come in Android 10 very soon.

So, what are you waiting for? Update your device with Android 10 as soon as you get in right now.

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