One of the main Issue most smartphone users faces are the SIM Not Provisioned Issue. Once the SIM Card Not Provisioned Error happens, you will not be able to use the SIM for Calls, SMS, and Data.

Here in this artcile, we look at some troubleshooting methods to fix the SIM, not Provisioned Issue. So, if you find a problem with your SIM card, follow the below steps, and one of the techniques might help you fix the issue.

Restart Your Phone

The first and primary step in fixing almost all the smartphone problem is restarting the device. Once the device got restarted, the OS will get refreshed, and the issue may get solved. Once done, check for the problem. If still the SIM is not provisioned, proceed with the next step.

Verify that the SIM Card is Activated

Before making any further steps, ensure that the SIM got activated by the service provider. Once the service provider issues the SIM card, it was not activated and will take some time to get it started. So first, make sure the SIM is activated or not.

Make sure the SIM Card is Clean

The next step is to make sure the SIM card is clean and not wet. If there is some moisture on the SIM card, then the SIM card will not work, and you may find the SIM not provisioned issue. So clean the SIM card properly. Make sure not to apply too much pressure on the SIM card. It can cause damage to the card.

Try on Another Slot if using a Dual SIM Phone

If you are using a dual-SIM smartphone, then the next step is to try inserting the SIM card on another SIM slot. Then check whether the SIM not provisioned issue got resolved or not.

Try Inserting on Another SIM

Still, the issue is not resolved. So the next step is to insert the SIM card on another mobile and check whether the problem is solved or not.

Contact customer support

The second last method is to contact the service provider and inform them about the issue. If the problem is network-related, then they can fix it from their end.

Replace the SIM

Even after doing all the steps, the SIM not provisioned issue persists, then the only option available is to replace the SIM card. The current SIM card with you may be damaged or corrupted. Replace the SIM by taking a duplicate for your number, and it can fix the issue.