Data Roaming needs to be turned on and off in many cases. So, here we are going to see how to enable and disable the data roaming feature on the Android mobile.

What is the use of Data Roaming on Mobile device

Data Roaming option on the mobile provides the user with the option to enable or disable the roaming data usage depends on the data plan. Most mobile service providers charge users with comparatively higher rates for using the data service while on roaming. This can cause the users to pay a high amount for data while in roaming if they don’t have an unlimited plan on their number.

To avoid this situation, every Android mobile has the data roaming feature and is being disabled by default. If the user has data offer that can be used on roaming location whether it is national or International roaming, then the data roaming option can be turned on.

In order to do that, follow the below steps.

Steps to Turn On and Turn Off Data Roaming option on Android Mobile

Step 1: Go to the setting app in your android mobile.

Step 2: Click on Network Settings.

Step 3: In the network settings area, you can see the mobile network, if you have dual SIM active on the mobile, you can see both there and select the desired one.

Step 4: Turn on the data roaming option if you wish to enable it. Otherwise, turn them off.

How does the data roaming option work?

The data roaming option in the mobile helps users to save the data and the usage charge while they are in roaming. If the data roaming option is disabled, then the data usage will be automatically get blocked when the number reaches the roaming location.

The feature will automatically block the data when reaches the roaming location, even if the data connection is active. If the data roaming option is enabled, then it will cause the users to pay more for data when the number connects to the roaming network. Usually, without any data roaming plans, most of the telecom companies charge their users with higher rate for the data usage.

It can be controlled using the data roaming feature. If your network provider is giving both local, national and even international roaming data, then there is no issue in enabling the data roaming on your mobile.

It is also noted that, if you wish to use your mobile data in an international location, then you need to enable the data roaming option from the network settings to enjoy the data service.

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