Dual SIM Capability, Initially, was only available on Android devices, but now with the integration of eSIM, dual SIM is also a reality on the iPhone. Even though the Dual SIM is available on Android and iOS devices, here in this article, we will check how to change the default call sim selection for a contact.

Call Selection With Default SIM

Since almost all Android mobile has support for dual SIM, most people prefer to have the preference to use a SIM card for call selection, SMS, and data usage. Users can choose from active SIM from the phone settings area. However, some users refer to the SIM card by Card only. So if you found any reference term like the default call card regarding SIM card, it simply means the default SIM card itself.

In some cases, users will set the SIM selection for the calls as Ask each time, in which, once the user makes a call, a popup will come up and ask for the SIM selection. The main benefit is that the user can switch the SIM for different calls. If the SIM selection is made from the settings, all the calls will be done using that particular SIM.

Here is an additional option that most of us didn’t notice. While making a call, the SIM selection window will come up. A checkbox says Remember this choice. If you select that option and choose the SIM, all the calls to that particular number will be routed only through that SIM card. Here the selected SIM will be set as the Calling SIM for that contact. You will not get the SIM selection window anymore for that contact.

The selection will not be changed even if you change the default SIM selection from the settings. So, it may be annoying too since, in some cases, we may have to call that number from the other SIM, which is not possible directly. But, this default SIM (default call card) preference for a particular contact can be removed or easily clear the calling selection.

Like the default app selection on Android, we can change the default calling SIM selection also. So let’s see the steps to remove the default Call SIM selection for a particular contact.

  1. Goto your phone contacts.
  2. From the list, find the number you are looking for, which the Calling SIM details are to be cleared.
  3. Click on the particular contact
  4. In the next screen, you can see the details of that contact, including name, number, etc.
  5. Now, long-press the number.
  6. Now, you will get a small popup window with some options.
  7. From the options listed, click on Clear calling SIM.
  8. Done. The preferred calling SIM for the selected contact is removed.
  9. Try again calling the number, and you can see the SIM selection option.

Why do the Prefered Call, Message, and Data SIM selections change Automatically?

Once you set your preferred SIM card for calls, SMS, and Data, the selection will be permanent and won’t be changed. However, if you disable any SIM card temporarily, the selection will also reset automatically to the available active SIM on the Android. Android offers the option to disable the SIM from the setting. However, you cannot disable both SIMs together. One active SIM should be available on the device always.