How to Delete YouTube History on Android, iOS & Website

Apart from Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, these days, many users spend time on YouTube, watching videos. The best part of YouTube is that it is free, suits all types of users. The video collection of YouTube is vast, and you can find any videos there.

As we see in the browser, YouTube also saves all the app’s history. If you watch any video on Youtube, the details will be stored in the watch history. It is a handy and most helpful feature that lets users quickly find any video they watched in the past. The YouTube History might be beneficial in many cases. If you watched any video and in the future, you need to take the same as a reference but can’t remember the title or only know partially. In this case, rather than searching the same again, you can find the same in your Watch History.

Deleting YouTube History

We mentioned the importance and of YouTube watch history. However, some users prefer to delete the youtube history due to privacy concerns in some cases. So, in this artcile, we will see how to delete YouTube History on Android and Webapps. Before going into details, please note that deleting the YouTube history won’t speed up or improve the performance of YouTube. Deleting YouTube search history is only clear of all the traces of your Past watch history, thus safeguarding privacy.

How to Delete YouTube History From web app

To clear the History from the YouTube web app, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the website on any browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

Step 2: Make sure that you log into your account. If not, please log in to your YouTube account.

Step 3: On the left side of the website, you can see a few menu options. From that, click on the History option.


Step 4: You will see another window on the right side. From the list, click on CLEAR ALL WATCH HISTORY


Step 5: A confirmation window will pop up, asking for your permission to clear all watch history from YouTube.

Step 6: Click on CLEAR WATCH HISTORY. Now all the watched items will be removed from the past, and you won’t see any traces of previously watched video logs anywhere, including the YouTube Web app, YouTube app on iOS and Android, etc.


How to Clear YouTube History From Android and iOS App

Like we did the YouTube History delete on the YouTube web app, we can do the same on the YouTube app on Android. However, on your mobile, the steps include a few more clicks. So let see how to delete the YouTube Watch History on the Android app. The iOS and Android app for YouTube is the same in its appearance and hence the following steps are the same for both iOS and Android devices

Step 1: Open the YouTube app on your Android or iOS mobile.

Step 2: Click on your profile image on the top right corner of the screen.


Step 3: Now, the menu listing will be shown. From that, click on the Settings option.


Step 4: On the settings screen, you can find several options. From that, click on History & privacy


Step 5: On the History & privacy page, click on Clear watch history; it will be the first option listed.


Step 6: Finally, a popup window will be shown asking for confirmation. Click on CLEAR WATCH HISTORY, and all the YouTube history will be cleared now on your iOS or Android device.



Once you clear the watch history, you won’t find any traces of previously watched videos. Clearing the history from any device or platform will delete the history from all the connected devices. The history details are stored within your Google account, not on your device. So the same list is synced with all the connected devices. Hence delete the youtube history only if you don’t want to see the details in the future.

If you are the one used to watching videos again from your history and use the same for any reference, we don’t recommend deleting the history. On the other hand, if you wish to keep your privacy and won’t need the list in the future, you can delete the youtube history.

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