Auto Play option on YouTube is a great feature that offers the users the option to watch videos without frequent clicks and selections. The Auto Play option is now always activated on all the videos on YouTube. It will help you automatically play the next video once the current video is finished. However, if you wish to have the youtube autoplay off within your app, you can do it simply with a few clicks.

Earlier, if we watch a video on YouTube, it will stop playing once finished, and we need to play the next video manually. To fix this problem and offer the users the best video playback experience, YouTube introduced the Auto Play option. The YouTube Auto Play option is now available on all Platforms like YouTube on Android, iOS, YouTube on Android TV and Fire TV, and, of course, on the Web app.

Since this was a great feature, that Offers the best Video Player experience and offers the best-suggested videos based on the current video played. The feature is smart enough to provide more related videos based on your viewing history. However, the Auto Play feature has some drawbacks too. We cannot say it is a drawback entirely, but it can be not very pleasant based on some users’ interests.

Drawback of YouTube AutoPlay Feature

The main issue with the YouTube Auto Play feature is that if you have limited data on your internet plan, then it can cause the data to drain fast, and you may lose all the available data for no use.

Another main issue is that if you were busy with some other work and forgot to stop the video, in that case, the AutoPlay option will trigger the next video automatically. And in this case, if you notice the same after some time. Then, you may find it challenging to get the initially played video if you wish to play that again. In that case, either you need to search the video again or look for the YouTube Watch History.

Turn Off Auto Play on YouTube

So, here, we are looking at how we can disable or turn off the Auto Play option on YouTube. As said before, we will see the steps for each platform, including YouTube on the web, YouTube on Android and iOS, and YouTube on Fire Stick and Android TV.

How to Disable YouTube AutoPlay on Android and iOS

As said, the auto-play option will be automatically enabled for each video if you play. To turn off the YouTube AutoPlay on Android and iOS, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open YouTube app on your smartphone and play any video as per your choice.

Step 2: While playing the video, top on the screen, and you will see a few icons within the video player.

Step 3: You will see a playback button on the top right corner (see the screenshot)


Step 4: Tap on the icon to change to the pause icon, and the autoplay option will be disabled.

Once done, you can freely play any new video, and it will not play any new video automatically once finished. You can change the option back to Auto Play at any time, using the same steps mentioned above.

Turn Off YouTube AutoPlay on Web (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Turning off the auto-play on the YouTube web player is also simple. The below steps is the same for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Step 1: Open on your browser and play the video you wish.

Step 2: While playing the video, you can see the Auto Play button at the bottom right part of the player.


Step 3: Turn that off, and the AutoPlay on Youtube will get disabled for the web app.

Turn off YouTube AutoPlay on Android TV & Fire Stick TV

The steps to disable the auto-play option on Android TV and the Amazon Fire TV Stick are the same. Even though both are different platforms, the application running on Fire Stick and the Android TV is the same APK based apps. Follow the below steps to turn off the AutoPlay on Android TV and the Amazon Fire Stick.

Step 1: Open the YouTube app on your Android TV or the Fire TV Stick.

Step 2: Before playing any video, go to the settings option of the YouTube app. To do so, navigate to the settings option from the left menu (see screenshot).


Step 3: You can find the Autoplay option within the setting. Navigate to that option.

Step 4: You will see an option to turn off the Autoplay on the right side. It will Show Yes and No.


Step 5: Select No from the option. The Autoplay option for YouTube on Android TV and Fire Stick will get disabled now.

In this way, you can turn the youtube autoplay off as per your preference on different platforms like Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV, Web app, Android and iOS device, etc. Then, at any time, if you wish to have the autoplay option back, you can do the same steps mentioned above to enable the YouTube autoplay option.