Possible Trouble Shoots if Windows 10 not Boots up Normally

Of late, you can find several computer issues which can surely make you annoying and also take your precious time for sure. These computer issues are very frustrating which includes Windows refuses to boot up normally as well. In this situation, you should take the help of several troubleshooting methods which can help you in sorting out the boot process easily without any issues at all.

Windows 10 provides several methods of sorting out the boot process and you can easily try them from your end. Are you looking for the troubleshooting process if Windows 10 not boots up normally? If yes is your answer, then here are some of the best methods you can try it right now!

Monitor your Battery

Are you using a laptop? If yes, then you may be facing battery issues which could cause boot problems for sure. You can take the help of an alternative charger cable to see if it helps in solving the issues or not. It would be better to confirm that the cable is working by trying it out on another laptop.

After doing this, you should remove your computer’s battery and plug the device into a power source. You would come to know about the actual hardware problem by removing the battery. If power issues getting interfere with the startup, then it is vital that you know whether the charging cable, battery, or another component needs replacement.

Unplug All your USB Devices

Another way to sort out the boot process of Windows 10 is to unplug all your USB Devices. You should note that sometime your PC won’t boot because of a conflict with a USB device. You can easily solve this issue by unplugging all USB devices and restarting your PC.

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Make sure you are removing all USB devices automatically if your PC stays on the same loading screen to solve the issues. Also, you should not forget restarting your computer for the best results.

Windows Safe Mode

The most reliable and genuine method for Windows 10 boot problems is a Safe Mode. You should try Windows Safe Mode to fix up the boot-up issues. It is a reliable boot process that starts your PC with a minimum of software. It also can bypass driver and various other software problems.

If your PC won’t boot, then you might have issues while entering safe mode for sure. You can try two easy ways to get rid of it. The first one is to enter Safe mode from the Windows recovery and another one is to enter safe mode with a Windows 10 Recovery Drive.

Turn Off Fast Boot

Always, try to turn off Fast boot if you are facing issues with your Windows 10 OS on your computer. There is a setting inside of your UEFI or BIOS called Fast Boot which allows the latest operating systems and Windows 8 to boot smoothly by preloading drivers.

If you are not able to see Fast boot entry, then your PC was made before 2013 as they did not support the fast boot option to the users. Make sure you are turning off the fast boot as it is one of the most effective troubleshooting methods you should try it without any second thought.

Malware Scan

Malware is very fatal for the performance of your computer and also affects your PC boots up process. It is a major cause of an unbootable system. The most effective method of dealing with serious malware that causes boot problems is using an anti-malware program that can boot from a DVD or USB drive. Several companies offer free malware scan software and you can try any one of them as per your overall needs for sure.

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Boot to the Command Prompt Interface

If your PC is not booting up properly, then it cannot do anything at all. You can take try boot directly to the Command Prompt interface to increase its range of abilities. With the help of its incredible interface, you would be able to perform more troubleshooting procedures and even fix your problem easily. Make sure you are having Windows 10 on a USB drive or bootable disk to proceed further, so try to use another PC to set that up before you get started.

Factory Reset

It is one of the most destructive and difficult repair options you should be aware of. Aside from a factory reset, the most difficult options include refreshing and restoring your PC. It has its weaknesses and advantages and it depends on you.

If you have tried all the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods, then you should go for a factory reset option that will be suitable for you. By going for a factory reset, you are going to lose some data and other apps, but you are not able to keep some of your vital files. A Windows 10 factory reset will restore your system to its default operating state.

Repair Update

You should note that the repair update is similar to a factory reset but it completely reinstalls your PC. But you need to download the entire Windows Operating system and you need a functional Windows computer with an internet connection. This method requires that you should have a DVD, a functional computer or USB drive, and a strong internet connection. You need to download the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool and use it to create a bootable installer.

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Finally, you are aware of the best and genuine troubleshoot methods to fix up your Windows 10 boot-up issues. The above-mentioned methods are 100% effective and you would be able to fix everything from your end.

Make sure you are trying and execute each troubleshooting step carefully before proceeding further. Also, the factory reset should be your last option because you will lose your vital data and files by choosing this option. You can even try it if you want by considering your overall needs.

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