Fix WhatsApp Not Working on Mac M1 & M2 Issue

If you spend more time on a desktop or laptop, WhatsApp on the desktop/laptop might be more convenient than using it on a mobile device. For that purpose, WhatsApp has already released the native Windows and Mac versions of WhatsApp, and this user can use WhatsApp on their Windows desktop or laptop, also on Mac devices like Mac Book, Mac Mini, etc.

However, many recently complained that the official WhatsApp is not working correctly on the M1 Mac and the latest M2. On M1 and M2 Mac, the native WhatsApp app keeps stopping frequently.

WhatsApp Not Working on Mac Error

One common problem for many WhatsApp users on Mac devices is WhatsApp Not Opening on Mac devices. Either it can be Mac M1 or Mac M2. In this article, we will check why WhatsApp keeps stopping on Mac M1 & M2 and also how to fix the WhatsApp not working on Mac M1 & M2.

Why does WhatsApp For Mac M1 and M2 Keep Stopping?

The WhatsApp Mac m1 issue appears mostly on Mac Mini, Mac Book, and iMac, which use the Apple Silicon chip. If you install WhatsApp on your Mac, it might initially work without issue. However, the app won’t normally open after some days, so you cannot use it anymore.

The issue is due to the native version itself. Recently, we have seen that most Mac applications are available in two versions: the Intel version and the M1 version. Since Mac is available these days with two chipsets, the application must also be optimized for Intel and the M1 chip devices.

WhatsApp hasn’t released the native M1 version of the application initially, so we need to use the generic version of WhatsApp on both Intel and M1 Mac. This makes the issue, and therefore, the application may sometimes not work correctly on the M1 version of Mac. But it is not the case now. The official Native WhatsApp for Apple Silicon is now available, and the WhatsApp Not Opening on Mac problem is not happening for most Mac users.

How to Fix the WhatsApp not working issue on the Mac M1 versions?

The exact fix for WhatsApp continuing to stop on M1 Mac is having WhatsApp release a dedicated M1 version of WhatsApp, which is now officially available. However, we must install the native WhatsApp for Mac to fix the issue.

1. Reinstall WhatsApp For Mac M2 & M1 Machine

The quick fix to solve the WhatsApp not opening an issue on Mac is reinstalling the same. You need to uninstall or delete WhatsApp from your Mac device and download and install the app again on your system. The WhatsApp MAC Download file can be found on the official WhatsApp Download Page.

Once installed, you need to log in to your WhatsApp account again, and thus the issue will get solved. If the same problem happens again after a few weeks, you can reinstall WhatsApp. However, uninstalling and Installing WhatsApp won’t be the best method if you are experiencing the WhatsApp not opening issue too frequently.

2. Use WhatsApp Web on your Browser

Another way to fix the issue permanently is by using WhatsApp’s web version. You can open the WhatsApp web page on any browser and log in to your WhatsApp account. You can chat with your contacts using WhatsApp web on your desktop/laptop without issues.

Another great thing about WhatsApp Web is that you won’t need to install any application on your device; hence, the native WhatsApp software issue won’t be seen with WhatsApp Web. You can use the web version to chat, send files, watch WhatsApp statuses, etc.

On the other side, there are some downsides to WhatsApp Web. First, it would help to keep your browser window open while using WhatsApp. Also, WhatsApp voice and video calls won’t work on the WhatsApp web.

3. Using Unite To Create WhatsApp on Mac

Another good option for WhatsApp on a Mac machine is the Native Mac app-building app like Unite 4. Using the Unite 4 app, you can create a native WhatsApp for your Mac device using the web app creation tool.

Once the app is created, you can use the WhatsApp web version as a standalone app like regular apps. The main advantage of Unite 4 is that you can enjoy a native app-like experience using the web version addition; the actual application size is much smaller than the original WhatsApp.

Another good thing is that you won’t keep running the Browser all the time while using WhatsApp using Unite 4. It will run in the background since it works as a standalone app. As we saw in the WhatsApp web app, you won’t be able to make and receive voice and video calls while using the Unite app.

What are some basic troubleshooting steps to try if WhatsApp is not working on Mac?

Before reinstalling, try restarting your Mac and checking that your internet connection is stable. Installing any available macOS updates can also help resolve app issues.

Are there different WhatsApp versions for Intel and M1 Macs?

Yes, WhatsApp provides separate builds optimized for Macs with Intel processors and those with Apple Silicon (M1/M2). Make sure you have installed the correct version for your Mac’s processor.

What is the Working Fix to Solve the WhatsApp issue on Mac M1?

Recently, we have seen that WhatsApp, available from the Mac App Store, is much more stable, and once you download, the native version will be available. Once you download WhatsApp on an Intel device, you will get Intel-based WhatsApp and Silicon-based once downloaded from a Mac M1 or M2 device. So, better to use the WhatsApp available from the App Store rather than the one downloaded from the WhatsApp website.

Can we use the iPhone version of WhatsApp on Mac?

No, the iPhone version of WhatsApp is only available on mobile; you can’t use it on Mac or iPad. To experience the best service, use the official WhatsApp on the Mac App Store.


The tips mentioned above and tricks can fix the WhatsApp M1 issue on the Mac. However, the current version of WhatsApp is available separately for both Intel-based Macs and Apple Silicon-based Macs. So, once you download WhatsApp from the App Store, you will get the correct version automatically. Thankfully, the native WhatsApp for Mac has almost fixed the problem of WhatsApp not opening on Mac.

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