Free vs Paid Web Hosting Services

Hosting is one important things that we needed if we are going to create a website. In the beginning everyone’s question is that, whether to choose a Paid Web hosting service or a Free Hosting. Normally everyone will search in the Internet for free hosting services and you may get so many results. Some of them are fake and some are genuine. Sometimes we will get a good hosting package absolutely free too. But are these free hosting services are safe or secure ?

From my personal experience i will not recommend anyone to select a free hosting service. If you are creating a website for fun or to study its working, you can go for a free hosting. But if you want to engage in real market, do not attempt for that. In my opinion for the starting choose any paid web hosting service that offers some small web space with small budget. And when the website grows you can change hosting to a higher plan either a shared hosting plan or a dedicated Server like Accuweb Hosting.

In case of Free Hosting it has so many limitation, most important issue is its security, hackers can easily get into your website, if you are hosting your website in free servers. Another issue is, you servers will not have any guarantee for your files and databases, those server may stop at any time, with or without notice, if so all your data will be loss. You have to take whole backup of your website frequently. Another issue is that, those server IP’s may be listed as spam in most of the IP Scanners, So search engine will blacklist your website links, so it may affect the search engine result also. If you are using a good hosting, you will get a reputed IP and it will make higher rank for your website.

By using a paid service you can overcome all the above limitations. I will be secure, safe, no data loss (automatic backup in server), good IP reputation etc. In short, i suggest you to choose a small paid package rather than looking for Free Web Hosting.

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