Portable document file or PDF is one of the best file formats to save an electronic document. The intelligent design of PDF keeps the document information layout intact in any situation. That is why many organizations prefer to use PDF standard format. Also, users can protect their PDF file with the password and restrictions. But, it can be seen that creators intentionally design PDF form in such a manner, that users cannot edit PDF form fields. After considering the situation, we come up with this article, that let users understand “Why PDF form cannot be edited?”. A reliable and secure professional solution also provided in order to make PDF form editable.

User Query

“Hello everyone, I am preparing for Government jobs. Every time when I download the job application form, they mostly in the non-fillable PDF format. It means I cannot type in PDF form. However, I also need to take the printout of the form, but due to security, it becomes very difficult for me to carry out the process. These application forms required to be shared with an authority. Now, I am tired up to do such things again and again with every job application form. Moreover, I searched the online solution, but, could not find any reliable one. If any of the technical bloggers know that “how to make PDF form editable?”, then please let me know.”

What are the Different Types of PDF Forms

There are two types of portable document file forms, both are described below:

Fillable PDF Form:- This type of form is similar to paper form, but it is an electronic format. It is considered as an interactive PDF form and easily editable and printable. It can be easily filled by the means of a computer system.

Non-Fillable PDF Form:- It is a type of PDF form that is purposely designed in such a manner that no one can perform modifications in it. This type of form is called flat PDF forms. It is considered as less interactive and non-editable PDF forms.

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Why PDF Form Cannot be Edited – Reasons

As stated above, two types of PDF form are available. One can be easily fillable and other cannot. Now, the next biggest question is, “why people make PDF files non-editable?”. The answer is to prevent form or file from any type of editing made by an unauthorized person. It is beneficial in legal cases, where PDF files created as non-editable to prohibit the third person to make any modification in the document. But, at times it is needed to make modifications in the form as we have seen the user query. Therefore, in the upcoming section learn a simple and easy method to edit protected PDF form.

A Professional Solution to Make PDF Form Editable

SysTools PDF Unlocker is a software designed to remove restrictions from the PDF file. This tool can be easily used when PDF form cannot be edited. It makes restricted PDF forms unrestricted. Moreover, users do not require an installation of Adobe Acrobat on the machine to eliminate restrictions by the software. The tool is also compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating Systems. Apart from this, the software has several highlighted features as shown below:

  • Make PDF files free from all restrictions like Copy, Print, Edit etc.
  • Provide an option to eliminate Assembly restriction from PDF file
  • Capable to make non-fillable PDF form into fillable .pdf form format
  • Facility to eliminate the Signature restriction from the PDF document
  • Ability to remove the Owner level password security in the PDF document.

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Steps to Create Fillable PDF Forms

If PDF form cannot be edited then, follow these simple steps and make them editable

  • Start PDF Unlocker software on the system
  • Select Unlock option to continue the process
  • After that, from the “Unlock PDF File” window, click on Browse in order to provide the desired .pdf document
  • Select the PDF file that will be going to be unlocked from all the restrictions. Then, click OK
  • Instantly, the software display all permission status of the selected PDF document. Click on Browse to provide a destination location to the resultant decrypted PDF file
  • Now, you can either select the existing folder or create a new folder directly from the software panel. Click OK to continue the process
  • In order to make file PDF file editable, click on Unlock PDF option.
  • Once the process gets completed, quickly a little message box will appear as shown below. Click OK to continue
  • After that, the software brings the comparison between permissions before and after the unlocking process
  • Now, users can go to the mentioned location of a resultant file and open the unlocked PDF form.


Many people are searching “why PDF form cannot be edited”? The simple answer is the security, in order to prevent the form from further modifications. But, when some updations need to be applied to these secured forms users find multiple issues. Therefore, in this article, we have discussed a reliable & affordable approach i.e. SysTools PDF Unlocker. It is the professional utility that effectively removes all the restrictions and make PDF form editable.

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