Here is the simple HTML script to add Facebook like box to your site. We can add it to any part of the site using a simple iframe. In order to add it to the site just copy the below code into your site

1. Include the below code in the HTML tag of your site.

2. Include the above code in the body section of your page. NB. Replace the XXXX portion with your application id.

3. Place the above code in the place where you wish to add a like box. Replace the “” with your page URL.

You can set the height and width of your like box.
Also, there is an option to show streaming content from the page, You can hide it by setting the value as false for Stream


Also, the option to show the liked peoples, it can be set to hide by giving value as false to show_faces


Also can hide the header potion by giving the header a false value


Note: The minimum supported width for the box is 292px.