Today, we all like to click the photos and make the boomerangs and reels to upload on social media and save them as beautiful memories. And for this, we all prefer our smartphones as it is the most convenient way to click photos. However, it is quite challenging to save all the photos in the mobile memory because of space.


People opt for other applications to save their files in a secure and private place, where they easily access them. The web offers many platforms that provide facilities to save your memories, such as Google photos. However, Google photos have stopped providing the accessible facility to store the photos in the cloud free of cost. Instead, they started to ask for money to store videos or photos up to 100GB storage.

So, in such a case, Synology can be your savior as it is also the best platform to store unlimited photos or videos on the cloud. You will get many more and better facilities on Synology photos from Google photos, such as good management, easy accessibility, ample storage, and easy store and manage photos or video.


How Does Synology Photos Works?

Synology photos provide the facility of storage, so you can use them to store your photos, videos, and documents securely. It functions primarily similar to Google photos, but it is easy to access and host the user except for one. This means your photos, videos, documents, etc., are safe compared to other platforms. Therefore, today, many people use Synology photos to store their data securely.

Its software is generally run and manages the entire system on NAS setup. Network-attached storage (NAS): The server is a computer data storage server system connected to a network of a group of clients and access data quickly. NAS is easy to run, has high capacity, and is lower in cost.

Users can easily share their data via a local area network by standard eternal collection. Synology photos are also run on both IOS and android mobiles. It is easy to run on mobile. If you run it on the computer, you must do that to upload the photos to the cloud.


How to Upload Backup Data Easily?

It is easy to upload and make a backup of your mobile data (videos and photos) on Synology photos, and you can make a lot of space on your mobile by using the app. Synology photos provide the features of smart upload that make them unique from Google photos. Moreover, you can make a backup of your uploaded data and easily share it with other people. You can also invite your friends on your NAS and allows them to use the same feature on the app.

Synology provides the best management as a form of library and centralizes everything correctly. For example, you can easily find photos of a particular day and date using the search bar.


It also provides the facility to make the thumbnail automatically. So you can easily find and access your lot of photos on the phone without any internet connection and manage them easily. It just looks like your mobile’s gallery, so you do not need any additional knowledge to use this tool.

Various Forms of Album Creation

Everyone likes to keep their photos on the different-different album for easy accessibility, the same as on a cloud-based photos gallery. People prefer to make different albums according to the names, location names, scene names, etc. So they can easily find the needed one. But in Synology photos, there’s no need to make the different-different albums because they automatically generate them by recognizing the picture. These features make this tool famous and unique from others.

Synology photos create two types of albums: conditional and the other one is custom albums. A conditions album is the type of album that saves the photos according to the conditions, such as location, scene, person, etc. However, a custom album is an album where you save the photos by simply selecting and pasting them into folders. You can see this feature only on Synology photos cloud services provider.


Collaborate Effectively Privately and Securly

Before selecting the online cloud stores, every person has questions about the security of the data and how to share it from one person to another. Then Synology photos stand on the acceptance of their clients. It provides many security features and easy to share option of photos from others, such as sharing data by link with a password and expired time.

It keeps your data securely and privately. Synology photos do not provide the facilities of security but also provide many facilities to their customer for quickly accessing and storing the data, such as


  • Synology photos help enhance your team’s productivity, and you can quickly and securely share the data.
  • It also provides the option of a smart search, and it can help access your photo quickly.
  • The quick filter option is located on the right side of the dashboard. It can help access the different options to enhance the quality of the photos. These features make them unique from other cloud storage.
  • The Thumbnail view option is located on the right side of the dashboard. You easily preview your photos and access the filter according to the requirements of this feature

Are Synology photos Best For Use or Not?

What should you think about the Synology photos in the word of wrap? Synology photos got high votes in an online survey, and people say it is the best cloud storage provider. It is the best place to store the images, videos, documents, etc., easily shared in your circle with those who connect with them.


Synology photos feature to make them more popular than Google photos, such as animation, auto collages creation, auto album creation, movie, etc. People are searching for the best platform to store their videos and photos online, and you must visit the Synology photos app and use them. You will get the incredible experience of them.

You can easily share your album on Synology photos with members connected to your server. You can also make your family server, friend’s server, and office server share the critical data quickly and securely on them. It never decreases the quality of photos on sharing also. You can also make your data handling system more comfortable with handling, storing, and sharing data on Synology photos.

Get the Free Synology NAS

Synology is currently running a competition by which you will get a chance to win a free Synology DS420+ DiskStation. Only need to visit the competition page a complete a short survey and you are good to win the free NAS. To participate, follow the below steps.

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