Traveling has become an integral part of our lives today. Whether it is about booking a quick flight for work purposes or planning a flight for the next holiday, people are mainly on the internet surfing the best deals. With different timings, numerous airlines, varying flight routes, and uniqueness of price, booking a flight can prove a daunting task.

However, in the last decade, booking flights has been simplified since Google Flights came into the picture. But the question is, “How to use the Google Flight tool effectively?”.

Launched back in the year 2011, Google Flights is efficient, user-friendly, and therefore very frequently used by individuals worldwide. With many features, Google Flight allows individuals to book the most suitable flight at the best rates. However, Google Flights does not allow you to book a flight but will enable you to purchase tickets from airlines or any online travel agency.

However, many users find Google Flight confusing despite the ease of flight booking. Even though the tool is straightforward, novice users can have doubts. In the article below, we have summed up how to use the Google Flight tool effectively, grab the most affordable flight tickets, and make the most out of its features.

What Are Google Flights? What is Google Flights built with?

Google Flights is a popular search engine that lets users search and book flights worldwide. Google has built the tool using different technologies on top of its powerful search technology. Google Flights uses data visualization tools, powerful search, and machine learning algorithms. It, within no time, analyzes large amounts of flight data via different sources and presents the most relevant and accurate flight information to the users.

The highlight of the Google Flight platform is that it offers different filters and search options. Users can search flights based on other factors, including desired arrival and departure cities, arrival and departure dates, flight duration, number of stops/ connectivity, airlines, price, etc.

Not only does Google flight make flight booking easier, but it also helps with easy travel planning. The platform allows users to track flights, receive price drop alerts, and learn whenever the flight schedule changes. In addition, users can also check maps, parking, dining information, and more about the airport they are traveling from and to.

For users who know how to use the tool, Google Flights is simply incredible.

How to Use Google Flights? Are Google Flights a Good Search Engine?

Using Google Flight is a rapid and simple process. But it may prove overwhelming for someone experiencing it for the first time.

  1. If you are a new Google Flights user, begin by visiting Google Flights.
  2. Now, on the booking page, enter your departure city and arrival city (destination from and to your wish to travel). Also, add the preferred traveling date (two different dates for a round trip).
  3. Select your ticket type (one-way, round trip, or multi-city) from the top. Also, fill in the information, including the number of passengers, cabin class, and more.
  4. After completing all the information input, Google flight displays an available flight list with its price, timing, and more.

Google Flights analyze large amounts of flight data within no time. It provides users with accurate and up-to-date information and thus makes finding the best deals hassle-free. The online flight booking tool is highly effective, advanced, and powerful. Whether booking a flight for the first time or being a frequent traveler, you can simply rely on it.

Despite being a powerful and effective tool, Google Flight may not always deliver perfect results. A few users say the platform sometimes generates inaccurate or incomplete information. However, that can be an issue with most search engines, and thus comparing multiple platforms can be a good idea.

What to do when cheap flights can’t be booked through Google Flights?

It may not always be useful regardless of how powerful Google Flights is. For example, there can be instances when Google Flights display cheap flights, but as you book, you cannot do so, or the fare either jumps. In any such case, here’s what you can do:

Firstly, visit the particular airline and check whether the flight is available at a lower price. In most cases, you may find even better options with the airlines directly. However, it isn’t always that platforms like Google Flight will have better promotional offers.

Or you can also try to book your flight through a different flight booking platform. If the idea is to find the cheapest flight and best deal, surf through at least a few different platforms before you finally book.

When you are not able to book cheap flights with Google Flights (despite a cheap fare displayed), it is called Ghosting. You won’t realize you are looking at Ghost Fare until you click the option Book. Ghost Fare can be a result of price fluctuation constantly. When you search on Online Travel Platforms, this situation is quite common. However, when you check with the airlines directly, you will get updates with real-time results.

Advanced tips and tricks for using Google Flights

If you book flights frequently, here are some of the advanced tips and tricks you can use on Google Flights:

  • Use and Explore feature, Google Flights will display the cheapest destinations available for your trip. Simply fill in your departure date; this online platform will offer various options.
  • Use Google Flight’s price tracking options and track flight prices for specific dates and routes. Simply set up a price alert, and once the price of certain flight changes, Google Flight will send you a notification on your mobile or email.
  • One of the most useful features of Google Flights is their popup calendar, which displays the daily prices if you have flexible travel dates. Use the Calendar feature and view the cheapest flights for every day. All you need to do is, select the option Flexible dates, and Google Flights will display the lowest price for every month. This feature is helpful if you are flexible with your travel dates.
  • Search multiple airports, and Google Flights will present you cheapest route between two regions on the dates you wish to travel.
  • Always check the price info box and ensure that Google Flights provides you with the best deal.
  • Use Filters wisely and narrow your search results to get the best deals.
  • Use the multi-city feature to help you find the most affordable flights between the cities/ countries you wish to travel to.
  • A hidden city ticket feature can be handy when booking a last-minute flight. Prices skyrocket in the final weeks before a flight, and a hidden city ticket can be significantly less expensive than a standard flight.
  • If you are ready to take a spontaneous trip, use the, I’m feeling lucky feature, and Google Flights will recommend destinations for you based on your departure city and travel dates randomly. You can find some exciting deals this way.

Wrapping up

Google Flights is a fast, effective, and powerful flight search engine that presents you with the best deals on flights. While you know how to make the best out of this tool, your concern about booking flights will always ease down.

Using Google Flights is simple and hassle-free; however, compare the deal on different platforms before booking. Also, do check with the airlines directly as well for grabbing some real-time discounts.

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