Best 3 Password Manager For Security and Easy to Use

Of late, you can find several reliable and trustworthy password manager apps available in the market for the users worldwide. With the help of these password manager apps, you would be able to save your password for every website you are going to visit for sure. Also, it offers great convenience and helps you in creating a better password without any hassle. Are you looking for the best 3 password manager app now? If yes, then let’s go through some of the best 3 password manager apps right now.

Last Pass

Last Pass is one of the famous and most widely used password manager apps available for the users. It works both on your laptop and mobile phones. By using this app, you would be able to store your password and personal information in a secure and safe vault. You should note that it auto-fills your login credentials so that you do not have to log in again and again. The user-interface of this tool is easy and simple to understand for both new and experienced users. This password manager is free to use and no need to pay anything for using its basic features which includes a password generator, secure storage, and unlimited passwords. If you are looking for more advanced features, then you should go for the paid version.


1Password is also one of the popular password manager apps available for users. It helps in storing your password so that you would not face any issues while logging in any sites. It is very easy to use and well-designed even for the users who are not from a technical background. It is easy enough to store all types of confidential information with strong encryption without any issues at all. It is best suitable for Mac, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS. It also has a user-friendly interface and all the options are easily accessible to users. This password manager offers both family and individuals plans. There is a 30 days trial you can use before proceeding further for the paid version.


Keeper is a genuine business and personal password manager for protecting your password from cyber threats and data breaches. Now you do not have to worry about remembering your password again and again whenever you are trying to login sites. With the help of this password manager, your passwords will be stored and there will be unlimited password storage for the users. The simple way to use Keeper is to sign up for a free account and later go for the paid version after going through its basic features. The user interface is incredible and simple. You can store unlimited passwords without any limitations for sure.


Finally, you are fully aware of the best 3 password manager for storing and protecting your password. All the above-mentioned password manager apps will help in storing your passwords in an encrypted form and also help you generate secure random passwords. It will be better to try a trial version first before going further.

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