SIM Card Failed To Register Mobile Network – Fix SIM Failure

While using the mobile, several issues related to the network may pop up. SIM Card registration failed is one such issue most mobile users face. If your SIM card fails to register to the mobile network, you won’t receive any calls and SIM on your phone. So that may cause some trouble too.

In the previous article, we detailed the mobile network state disconnected issue and its solution. Similarly, this article will check the troubleshooting method to solve the SIM card registration failed issue on your mobile.

SIM Card Registration Failed

SIM Card registration failed issues can happen for multiple reasons, and you can fix the problem by troubleshooting each method. Sometimes the issue can occur due to a network issue from the provider. Sometimes, it can be due to an issue with the SIM card and thus results in SIM failure. Whatever the reason, you can try fixing the problem by doing the troubleshooting steps one by one and checking whether the issue is resolved.

Fix the SIM Failure Issue on your Mobile

Some tweaks can fix SIM failure to some extent. If you are facing the SIM Card Registration Failed issue, follow the below steps one by one to get the sim card failure issue fixed.

Restart the Mobile

For all smartphone-related issues, restarting the handset is the primary step to start troubleshooting. If the problem is minor and due to some small software-related bug, it will get rectified by the restart. So reboot your smartphone and check whether the sim card registration issue is fixed.

Reinsert the SIM Card

If the restart doesn’t fix the problem, proceed with the SIM card reinsert step. Switch off the handset and try removing and reinserting the SIM card on your mobile. Then power on the device. Check whether you are getting a signal on your mobile. If the problem still exists, proceed with the next step.

Check with your service provider

The next step with this issue is to check with your service provider. Make a quick chat or call your service provider’s customer care executive and let them know the problem. They will prevent it from their end, and if the issue is from the provider’s side, they will let you know the same in that case, no further action from your side, and the problem will get sorted soon.

If the issue is not from their end, they will let you know the troubleshooting methods, and if none of them fixed the problem, then it might be an issue with your physical SIM card, and you need to proceed with the further steps.

Replace your SIM card with a new SIM card

Sometimes, the SIM card may get corrupted or damaged, failing the SIM card registration. So, if the above steps don’t fix the issue, the final step is to replace your SIM card. First, contact the service provider and take a duplicate SIM for your mobile number. Once the new SIM gets activated, the issue will be resolved entirely, and you can continue using your mobile number as before.

Insert the SIM Card on Another Mobile

To trouble shoot and to check whether the SIM card is working, you can insert the SIM card on another mobile. If the SIM is working fine on the other phone, then there won’t be any issue with the SIM, but it might be an issue with the mobile. If the SIM is not working on the other mobile, you can assume that the issue is with the SIM or the mobile network.


The SIM card registration failure issue can happen due to multiple reasons. It can occur due to some minor bug on your mobile or even due to SIM damage. In some cases, it can happen due to a network issue also. You can quickly fix the SIM card registration failed problem by making the above troubleshooting methods one by one.

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  1. Hi Vipin, I am having problems with texting picture messages on my Android. The carrier obviously is not interested in helping me as they hang up on me or just leave an opened line. I noticed last time that I was walked through their steps that my Mobile Network State is disconnected. I can’t figure out how to reconnect it. Do you have any ideas on this? They have said it’s my SIM card but no explanation of why. Thanks in advance!


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