How to Fix Peacock Error Code 21

The Peacock Error Code 21 might be familiar to most Peacock users these days. Using the Peacock streaming service, you might have seen the Error code 21 multiple times. This article will check what Peacock Error code 21 is and how to solve the error code 21 problem.

What is Peacock Error Code 21?

Peacock Error code is a common issue most peacock users face these days. The problem is mainly due to the connectivity issue. If your internet connection is not stable or getting a significantly low speed for streaming, you might get the Peacock Error Code 21.

When considering this error code, it is also to be noted that error code 21 is not the only issue you may face. Errors can be of different types; the Peacock US roaming rule issue is one kind that many users face while roaming. Whatever the error type, it is frustrating to see these errors while watching your favorite movie or the TV shows on Peacock TV.

So, let’s see how to solve the Peacock Error Code 21 for uninterrupted entertainment on Peacock TV.

How to Solve the Peacock Error Code 21

To fix the Peacock Error Code 21, you can try the below steps. Make sure to check the peacock tv app after trying each step to ensure the issue is fixed or not.

Check the Internet Connection

The first and foremost step is to make sure the internet connection is working fine and stable. To check the same, open any speed test app or webiste on your mobile or PC, perform an internet speed test, and verify that you are getting a stable download and upload speed on your internet connection.

If the connection is power or experiencing a low speed, contact your Internet Service Provider and ask them to rectify the issue. Otherwise, it won’t be a reason for the Peacock error 21.

Latest Version Of the Peacock App

You can watch the Peacock TV content on TV, Mobile, Tablet, or even via the peacock webiste. If you are watching the Peacock TV via an application on TV, Mobile, or tablet, use the updated application. If the application is not updated automatically, make sure to update the same manually. Peacock TV usually stops its support for older versions of applications. In short, if you are using an unsupported more aged version of the application, you might get the error code 21 on your peacock TV.

So make sure to update the peacock tv app to the latest version.

Update Pending Updates

If your device needs to be updated or you have any pending updates for your mobile, tablet, etc., update it. Same as the peacock app update, a system update is also important. Peacock TV won’t work on any unsupported version of OS., so make sure to update your device with the latest version.

Good VPN Connection

If you are accessing the peacock tv movies and tv shows from outside the US, you might be using a VPN service or a DNS proxy service. So a good and high-speed VPN service is needed for that. If you are using a free VPN app, you might experience a slow network, resulting in peacock error 21.

So, always use a trustable and good VPN service for streaming the peacock tv content, and thus, you could fix the error 21 issues on the peacock tv.

Contact Customer Support

Even after doing all the steps, if you see the Peacock Error code 21 on your screen, you need to contact customer care to resolve the issue. However, you need to be in the US location to get the support team. As per the help section details. Peacock TV is offering support for US customers in which the device must be physically located in the United States. So, remember to connect a VPN app or service before contacting the Peacock support team.

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