Not Able to Add New Watch Face on Amazfit From Amazfaces App [Solution]

If you are using the Amazfit smartwatch, whatever model it is, whether it is GTS, GTR, GTS Mini, etc., you might have noticed that the inbuilt watch faces are minimal. Even if you check the Zepp app, the number of different watch faces is also not great.

However, for the Amazfit users, some third-party apps are available in the Playstore Appstore that can be installed on Android and iPhone to install additional Watchfaces. Amazfaces is such an app that is free to download and has many watch faces to select from.

Not Able to Install Watchfaces From Amazfaces to Amazfit

Most Amazfit users face the issue that they can’t install additional watch faces on the Amazfit watch from the Amazfaces app. The point is true, but not due to an error. Here the problem is the lack of information regarding the issue. In this article, we will check why the Amazfaces watch faces are not installed on the Amazfit smartwatch and how to fix the issue.

Why the Amazfaces Watch Faces can’t be installed on Amazfit App

As said before, the Amazfaces app is one of the best apps for Amazfit that can be installed on both Android and iPhone. Once installed, you can select the watch model you are using and then need to connect to the device from the app. After the connection has been established, you can search for the list of watch faces for your watch.

Finally, you can install your preferred watch face on your device from the app. Simply clicking on the Install button from the Amazface watch app will install the watch face on the smartwatch.

But, most users are facing the issue here. Once they click on the Install button, nothing will happen. There won’t be any error or notification. The app will still show the connecting information, and nothing will happen.

The issue is due to the memory, and the inbuilt watch faces on the Amazfit watch. Once there are no additional free slots available, the Amazfaces app won’t install the new custom watch faces from the app.

How to Fix the Watch Face Not Installing on Amazfit Watch

To install custom watch faces from the Amazfaces app. First, you need to delete one of the pre-installed watch faces from the Amazfit watch.

So that there will be enough space to install additional watch faces on the device. However, it should be noted that on the Amazfit smartwatch, you can store only one custom watch face at a time. The next time when you install a new watch face, it will overwrite the previously stored watch faces.

That is why the custom watch faces are not installed for the first time. If you are trying to install the Amazfaces watch faces for the first time, the app cannot overwrite the inbuilt watch faces available on the smartwatch.

We need to manually delete one of the watch faces from the smartwatch and then click on the Install button on the Amazfaces app.

Then the installation will start, and the custom watch faces get installed on the Amazfit smartwatch without any issue.

Do I have to delete the Watchfacs each time while installing new Custom watch faces?

You need to delete any preinstalled watch faces from the smartwatch for the first time only. Next time while trying to install a new custom watch face from the Amazface app, it will overwrite the previously installed watch face. So, deleting the watch face from the watch is needed only for the first time.

Is it Safe to Install Amazfaces App?

Even though it is a third-party app, we can’t say that it is unsafe. There is no issue in using the app for custom watch faces for your Amazfit smartwatch. Since the watch faces available within the Zepp app are limited, Users need to consider third-party apps like Amazfaces to get the custom watch faces.

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