FaceTime Android & iOS Call Link is Now Available on Mac & iPhone

With the iOS 15, FaceTime for Android was a reality, and an iOS 15 user was able to make calls with an Android user. It was available for the past few months, and now the same feature is available on macOS Monterey.

With the latest macOS Monterey 12.0.1, one can make FaceTime call with any Android or Windows user. In short, any apple user having an iOS device with iOs 15 or a Mac user with MacOS Monterey can initiate a FaceTime call and can invite any Android or Windows or even Linux user to the call.

How to make FaceTime call to an Android user

When we talk about FaceTime on Android, it is also to be noted that we won’t get any dedicated app to make FaceTime call for Android. With apple’s new update, the FaceTime call on Android works in such a way that a macOS Monterey user can create a FaceTime call link from their Mac machine.

You can share this link with any user via chat, email, or SMS. The one who receives the link can open the same on their browser.

Once opened, it will ask for camera and microphone permission. It should be allowed. Now the person can join the call from their browser itself.

Therefore, no additional application or software is needed to join the FaceTime call on an Android or Windows device. The only requirement is that have a compatible browser. For example, the Chrome browser works best on both Android and Windows.

Can we make FaceTime call from Android device

No, FaceTime on Android and Windows is based on an invitation link. You can create the link only from an iOS or a Mac device. Therefore, the initial call or invite can be made only from an apple device.

However, if you receive a link and the person who created the link didn’t delete it, then it is possible to join the conversation at any time without a new invitation.

Can we create a FaceTime Group call with Android user

The link created from a Mac or iOS device is permanent and won’t get expired automatically. So if you wish to create a FaceTime Group call with Android and Windows users, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Create a unique FaceTime call link.
  2. Share the link with other users ( Android, Windows, ChromeOS, Linux, etc. )
  3. Never delete the link or keep the link until you need it.
  4. Other users who have the link can initiate the call at any time and can have the FaceTime call without an iOS or Mac device.

However, there is some downside also:

Since it is link-based and there is no app available, non-iOS users need to enter the name when they join the call.

Also, if a non-iOS or non-Mac user joined the call, the person who created the link needs to approve each participant to join the call. And this needs to be repeated all the time.

Does Apple id needed to join the FaceTime call

To join the FaceTime call using the link, non-iOS users don’t need an Apple id.

The FaceTime call using the link is based on a public invitation link, and anyone who has the link can join the call. However, the admin (the one who created the link) needs to approve the user first.

FaceTime call on Android from Big Sur

FaceTime call to a non-iOS device is based on a link, and it can be created only from an iOS device 15 and above or from a macOS Monterey. Unfortunately, FaceTime on macOS Bigsur doesn’t support the link creation feature. So, if you need the feature on your Mac machine, you need to upgrade the macOS Big Sur to Monterey.

Can i get FaceTime Android App?

FaceTime is an apple only application, and there won’t be any android version of FaceTime. FaceTime calls on Android can be made only from a browser using the FaceTime link. Since Apple always keeps its users within the Apple ecosystem, there probably won’t be a dedicated FaceTime App for Android.

Steps to make FaceTime call on Android

Following are the steps and the process of creating the FaceTime Calling Link from macOS Monterey and the procedure involved in joining the call from Android and other devices.

Step 1: Open the FaceTime app on your macOS Monterey device.

Step 2: You will find an option at the very beginning saying, Create Link. Click on it.


Step 3: Now, the link is created, and you will get some options to share the Link. You can copy the FaceTime link.


Step 4: Share the link with any apple or non-apple users.

Step 5: The one who has the link can be open the link on the browser.


Step 6: Users need to enter the name and click on continue.


Step 7: Now, it will ask for camera and microphone permission. Allow them.

Step 8: Now, the calling screen will appear, and you can see the Join button.


Step 9: Click on the Join button to join the conversation.

Step 10: Now, you will see the Waiting to be let in notification on the screen.


Step 11: Once done, the Mac user who created the link will get a notification about your joining request.

Step 12: Now, the admin (who created the link) needs to approve the request and you will get joined in the call.

Once the conversation is over, you can click on the Leave button on the calling screen to disconnect the call.

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