How to Cancel Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime

Like any other streaming services like Netflix, Prime Videos, and Disney Plus, Paramount Plus also has a presence in the market. The good thing about the Paramount+ Subscription is that you can subscribe to the service as a standalone or via Third-party platforms like Amazon Prime. In this article, we are primarily looking at the details and steps to cancel paramount plus subscriptions.

Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime

As said before, a Paramount Plus subscription can be activated as a standalone service by which you can pay via the official website or the app and watch the content from the website or the app itself. On the other side, if you wish t use the Paramount Plus service along with your existing OTT platform, you can activate the service via Amazon Prime or similar services.

Suppose you are activating the Paramount Plus from Amazon Prime. In that case, you can see the Paramount Service under the Amazon Prime Channels, where you can purchase the subscription from within the Prime Video App. In that case, you don’t have to install the official Paramount+ application to view the contents. Instead, Paramount Plus’s content will be available within the Prime Video App.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus Through Amazon Prime

At any time, if you wish to cancel Paramount Plus through Amazon, you can do it so quickly. To cancel Paramount Plus on Amazon, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Log in to the Amazon Prime Video website from your laptop or PC.

Step 2: Click on the Account & Lists menu at the top right corner of your name.

Step 3: Now you will see the drop-down, and from that, click on Memberships & Subscriptions.

Step 4: On the Memberships & Subscriptions Page, you can find the subscription details, including the Amazon Channel you are paying for.

Step 5: You can see Paramount Plus in the list since you are a Paramount Plus Subscriber.

Step 6: Click on the Cancel Channel along with the Paramount+

Step 7: You will be prompted for confirmation, and your subscription will be canceled from Amazon Prime. Once completed, you will get the option for a refund.

Refund of Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime

Once the Cancellation of Paramount+ is completed from the Amazon website, you will get the option for a refund.

Amazon is offering two options for the refund process. Users can select the option as per their preference. You can opt for an immediate refund if the user wishes to cancel the service immediately. In that case, the Paramount+ subscription will be stopped immediately, and the restitution for the remaining period will be initiated. The remaining money will be refunded to the card or bank as per the mode of payment.

On the other hand, users can opt for no refund. In that case, the subscription will be canceled automatically at the end of the current billing period. You can continue watching the Paramount+ Channel on Amazon until your subscription ends.

Few Questions About Paramount Plus on Amazon

Following are a few common questions about the Paramount+ subscription on Amazon Prime.

Can I Watch Paramount+ on Paramount App Using Prime Channel Subscriotion?

Amazon Prime Channel content can only be watched from the Prime Video App. To view Paramount content on Paramount App or the website, subscribe to the standalone Paramount Plus Subscription.

Can I Cancel Paramount Channel Subscription on Amazon From Paramount Website?

To cancel the Paramount on Amazon, you can only do it from the Prime Video website. Standalone Paramount Streaming Subscription only can be canceled from the Paramount website.

If I Cancel Paramount Plus on Amazon, Can I Reactivate?

Sure, if you cancel paramount plus on Amazon or directly, you can subscribe again and activate the subscription at any time. There is no issue in canceling and reactivating paramount plus at any time in the future.

Is Paramount Plus Available Worldwide

No, Paramount Plus is available in the US, European countries, and others. However, the Paramount Plus Service is not fully available, mainly in some countries in Asia.

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