Paramount Plus Price, Shows, Free Trial, Movies And What You Need To Know

You might have heard of the name in recent times, but this specific streaming platform has existed for quite some time. Paramount has been a tough battle to make noise and be heard in a massive spectrum of streaming business, but it gradually paved its path and found its own space in the arena.

This year specifically, Paramount Plus has made fantastic moves starting from adding the collection of the Paranormal Activity franchise to several seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the 64th Annual Grammy Award Show.

By replacing CBS All Access, Paramount Plus successfully secured its content on the rising position. Not only has it grabbed eyeballs for launching the most significant event in its history, South Park: Post-Covid, it has also managed to premiere the 4th season of Star Trek – an undeniably commendable feat!

The one problem that one can’t seem to wrap around with is the non-accessibility of Yellowstone on Paramount Plus. Of course, it has annoyed the critics as they failed to understand why it wouldn’t provide this original series with so much fan following on the platform when it’s easily there on Paramount Network. The only explanation that makes sense is its intention to build a larger library that competes with other streaming giants.

Do you know that instead of limiting itself to the consumers in the US, it has expanded its potential by letting other countries gain access? So now you can watch Paramount Plus Canada programs if your are living in Canada, Similarly Paramount is available in Australia, the UK, and other nordic regions. Find out everything there is to know about Paramount Plus in this article, from its package to the shows available on the network.

Cost of Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus costs $4.99/mo for starters, with access to only some live sports. There are two essential plans available right now. The second one comes at a $9.99/mo price and is ad-free. Both packages offer the first 7 days for free as a trial session. After that, on an annual basis, you can pay $49 and $99, respectively.

Release Date

As we mentioned, the platform is gradually taking up space and launching in different countries. March 4th of last year, the freshly baked platform launched in the US, and by the 25th of the same month, the platform was available in the Nordic countries. In Canada, the service was launched on 4th March.

TV Shows and Movies Available on Paramount Plus

The main question comes: Why should you even consider subscribing to Paramount Plus? When the competition is stiff, it can be daunting to try something new and comparatively more irrelevant. However, if you perceive the streaming site, you’re about to be surprised.

To begin with, the supposedly next big thing is all set to arrive on Paramount Plus on the 24th of March: Halo TV Show. After that explosion, the platform will be premiering Star Trek Season 4. A prequel of Yellowstone and `883 will follow these shows.

The second season of Picard is also slated to release on Paramount Plus at the beginning of the year. And as we discussed before, the one move that will change the game for Paramount Plus is owning the rights of South Park: Post Covid 2. Additionally, on January 12, the 12th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race cut, and RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars followed that on the 24th of January.

Apart from buying the rights to popular series and movies, the platform creates new shows, revivals, and follow-up series. If you are looking for a new obsession lately, SEAL Team and Evil are available on Paramount Plus for you to binge-watch. Speaking of revivals, the most highly anticipated revival of the year has to be of iCarly, which will be done on Paramount Plus.

There are many movies nowadays that are going straight to streaming services instead of hitting the theatres because of the fear of failure. But many movies will be released in theatres and soon be seen on the streaming platform, ready to take the risk of box office failure. Some of these movies are expected to do highly on streaming sites, including A Quiet Place 2, Mission Impossible 7, and Top Gun: Maverick.

The Paranormal Activity franchise also arrived on Paramount Plus on the 5th of Jan, and that opened a channel for all the horror movie geeks. But that’s not it, the streaming site is welcoming to children as well, and the intention was made clear with the addition of The Spongebob Movie: Spongebob on the Run. It will be arriving on the 4th of March. You can also expect the release of Workaholics and Beavis & Butthead as well as Pet Sematary, which is all set to be a Paramount Plus original


Paramount Plus is a considerably new streaming channel that has gradually created its path; with the addition of movies like Pet Sematary, series like Star Trek, and revivals like ICarly, the platform is all set to succeed and make noise in the streaming industry. Moreover, you can get access to it in Canada without bypassing geo-restrictions using a VPN. The service is feasible and promising to say the least.

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