How To Transform Your iPhone Into A Fax Machine

Traditionally, a fax machine can transmit and receive an image wirelessly via a telephone line to another device. It scans printed words and photos from the sender’s original paper and sends the exact data to the recipient’s machine.

The machine views pages as a series of tiny squares in either black or white through a built-in photosensor. Once the contents of a page have been captured, the fax machine turns each of the squares into a series of audio tones, using various tones to indicate whether such square is white or black.

It’s Not Obsolete

Until the latest developments in the digital age, this was the mechanics of sending a document wirelessly. Mails, phone calls, meetings, and conferences all went online, but fax was left behind up until recently. Faxing appears to be a thing of the past, but you would be astonished to learn that billions of fax papers are still transmitted every year across the world. Because of the internet, fax has been revived from the pit of obsolescence. It even allows users now to fax from iPhone or Android.

The mobilization of the fax machine systems made the process easier and has also proven a huge leap in modern technology. It also displays the goals of the digital age in improving human life by creating accessible and adaptable approaches in one’s work and living environment. Moreover, it increased productivity by allowing immediate action to a task. Finally, it has also made collaboration easier in the digital society.

The improvement of technology in recent years has changed faxing into a single click on a smartphone. With billions of users worldwide, it’s not surprising to see how some IT companies are coming up with a slew of fantastic mobile innovations. These have made user life easier and more manageable. For example, the taxing game of waiting for beeps has now been made easier by creating mobile applications.

From iPhone To Fax Machine

There are several ways for iPhone users to fax their documents using their phones. Yet it is worth noting that faxes cannot be transmitted straight from iPhone numbers to fax machines or the other way around.

Here are some ways to maximize the use of your iPhone for your faxing needs:

Using Scanning Applications

Today, you can effortlessly search for more ways to digitally deliver or store your soft copy documents. Your iPhone has various applications or apps you can use, such as scanning applications. The best scanning apps allow you to collect diverse types of information, including meeting presentation slides, whiteboard notes, business cards, and essential papers. They are also helpful for many other tasks, such as scanning printed recipes and keeping warranties. However, these services may be limited to digitization, storage, and sending/sharing.

There is also a free scanning service you can find on your iPhone, your Notes App. Just open a new note, click on the camera icon, place your document under your camera, and click the shutter. The app also features automatic detection of your document. You can manually select and crop it by manipulating the edges of the box that will appear after you capture the image. You can also store your documents inside the app like a regular note, or you can share them via a third-party application.

Using Third-Party Fax Applications

As iPhones typically only come with standard applications, you will have to download third-party mobile fax apps. Users like you can store, share, sync, and fax documents from any location. These apps allow you to store and access your files from any web-enabled device, as well as send and receive faxes from your smartphone.

Some free apps may offer a trial period with limited access to their services. Meanwhile, paid apps have subscription fees for access to their complete services, but some may limit the number of faxes you may send based on the plan you select. These apps may also fax various files to toll-free domestic and international fax lines, including PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, photographs, and more.


The fax machine system may have been one of the best innovations of our time. Yet further simplification of such a brilliant and curious system has further proven the growth of human evolution and technology. Various mobile applications can now allow you to send, sign, take a photo, or fax and send documents wherever you are. This is a far cry from the waiting game of transmitting audio signals made from tiny squares emitted by the sensors of a bulky machine.

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