How do you like sending and receiving faxes using your smartphone?

Today, online or internet faxing is the latest technological trend that has helped many businesses worldwide. This technology is convenient and practical to use in a contactless society.

Managing faxes is now possible right at your fingertips, whether you want to send or receive personal or business messages. Internet or online faxing uses a dedicated app and a computer or any internet-capable device to send and receive fax messages via your email inbox. How do you do it, though? Read one to know how to manage your faxes using your phone effectively.

Take Advantage Of A Business Fax Service

You can send, receive, and securely store all important fax messages with the help of a business fax service. With it, you’ll receive an actual fax number without strings attached. This means that you’ll have a private and unique fax number that’s not limited to any location. You can also use your existing number free without paying any rental line through any reliable small business fax service.

Small business fax services even offer additional features, such as signing documents while you’re on the go. Just drag and drop your signature stamp or digital signature onto documents. You can also swipe your finger across your tablet or smartphone’s screen to sign your initials or name. Hence, you can take your small business on the run wherever you are, and monitor company workflow or even close business deals fast and quickly.

Set Up An Account

Before using online faxing, you should set up an account first with the online fax service. Check out the following steps to help set up your online fax account:

  • You need to register for the online fax service website by creating a username and password.
  • Next, select the country where you want your phone number to originate.
  • Enter your credit card information (if the service provider asks you to purchase the number) and hit ‘submit.’

How To Send Faxes Using Your Phone

Sending online fax is now as easy as sending an email because you don’t need to use any paper, scanner, or fax machine.

Using a dedicated online faxing app, you can fax different file formats, such as Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, Word files, photos, videos, and more, to any toll-free domestic number and international fax number.

Here are the general steps to send faxes using a smartphone:

  • Locate the file on your smartphone.
  • Upload the file to the app and select to fax it from your remote files.
  • Fill out the field where you’ll find the recipient’s information and the sender’s contact details, type the fax number, and press send or fax.
  • You can receive a confirmation message of the successfully sent fax messages via email by selecting this option on your account settings.

Internet fax apps offer different plans. The number of online faxes you can send differs depending on your plan. Unlimited internet faxing and cloud storage are also available. If you’re interested, you can start with a free trial plan, which gives you a limited amount of storage and free outbound faxes.

How To Receive Faxes Using Your Phone

You can also receive faxes on your smartphone when you don’t access a fax machine or computer. There’s no need to use an extra phone line. All you need is an online fax service and an internet-capable phone. Here’s how to receive your faxes on your smartphone as an email:

  • Set up your account with an online fax service that can change any fax message to a PDF file so you can send this file to your email address.
  • Provide your phone number as your fax number so you can receive fax messages as an email from the online fax service.
  • You’ll receive a notification through your email or your online fax account dashboard every time you receive a fax.

You can store your fax message via the cloud. This allows you to access files easily anywhere, anytime. By signing up with a reliable internet fax service or app, all the messages and documents you send and receive will be archived securely and stored automatically.


Online faxing has made business transactions smooth and faster than traditional faxing. From start-ups, small businesses to medium-sized enterprises and corporations, every company can benefit from internet faxing. By using a mobile device, like smartphones, anyone can send and receive fax messages in a breeze without the need for an actual fax machine.