The BougeRV Rocky Portable Fridge is BougeRV’s latest product in their brand-new Overlanding line. After getting our hands on the machine for a while, we want to cover this popular outdoor fridge’s best and worst attributes.


Overall Impression

Our overall impression of the BougeRV Rocky 65 Portable Fridge has been really positive. The powerful compressor technology makes this fridge much more functional than any coolbox we’ve used before, and the option to use both AC, DC, and solar power makes it super versatile for any off-grid situation.


With sturdy handles and a rugged exterior, they are perfect when you’re hooked up to mains power but can also be powered from your leisure battery when you venture to the wild.

We have some reservations about the energy consumption in certain settings, but overall, we can offer some advice on how to efficiently integrate this fridge into your setup to ensure it doesn’t drain your battery too quickly.

General Overview

The BougeRV Rocky Portable Fridge is a top-loading fridge that can be powered by either a 12/24V DC or 110/240V AC source. The chest-style design makes it space-efficient, allowing you to pack loads of food and drinks into a relatively small chasis.


Although the Rocky might look like a coolbox, it’s far more powerful due to its compressor cooling system, which is both efficient and effective. This is a significant upgrade over conventional thermoelectric coolboxes that often have limited cooling power and high energy consumption.

The Rocky can be neatly integrated into your vehicle’s build or slotted into any available space. Some DIY enthusiasts store the fridge under a seat with a lifting lid, while others have built sliding drawers to keep it neatly stashed away.


We were impressed with how easy this fridge is to use. Just plug it in, set your desired temperature, and stock it up with food. The internal baskets keep things organized, and the light makes it easy to find what you need.

One standout feature of the Rocky model is its dual-zone capability. This allows you to operate one compartment as a fridge and the other as a freezer simultaneously. You can set different temperatures for each zone via the digital display or the mobile app, offering great flexibility for various storage needs. This is particularly beneficial for longer trips where you need to keep drinks chilled and perishable items frozen.


The rugged design of the Rocky gives us confidence that it will last. With reinforced edges and sturdy carry handles, this fridge can handle the pressures of off-road adventures.

The Rocky comes with two power cables: one for AC mains power and another for DC power. The cable is 2 meters long, which is generally sufficient, but a bit more length could offer more flexibility for setting up your camp.


Display and Settings

The bright LED display on the Rocky shows the temperature of the fridge, the compressor status and allows you to adjust settings such as temperature and energy mode. You can also use Bluetooth to pair the fridge with your phone, which lets you monitor and control the fridge remotely via the BougeRV app.

One feature we particularly liked is the battery protection. This ensures the fridge automatically shuts off if the battery voltage drops too low, protecting your vehicle’s battery from being unnecessarily drained.

Energy Consumption

In comparison to other products on the market, the energy consumption of the Rocky is commendable. However, if you plan to use this fridge off-grid, you’ll need to ensure your electrical system can handle the extra Amp-hours.

The Rocky’s energy consumption varies by model and usage:

  • In ECO mode, it uses around 45W, making it very efficient for off-grid use.
  • In MAX mode, it cools rapidly, using around 60W, which is still quite efficient but requires careful management if you’re relying solely on battery power.


Real-World Performance

We tested the Rocky 69QT Dual Zone in various conditions. It cooled from ambient temperature 66°F to 32°F in about 15-16 minutes and maintained a steady temperature throughout our trips. The fridge’s thick insulation and efficient compressor usage help it maintain temperature consistency even in warmer conditions.


The BougeRV Rocky Portable Fridge is a great choice for those looking for a durable and versatile cooling solution for outdoor adventures.

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