If you are using Synology NAS, you may have seen that the device is blocking the local IP address of certain devices once too many failed login attempts happen. It won’t happen frequently, but in some cases, if any device connected to the Synology NAS failed to log in and tries reconnecting again, the Synology NAS might block the device’s IP address.

In this article, we are going to check, how we can remove blocked IP addresses from Synology NAS. By unblocking the IP address, you can continue using the Synology NAS, without any issues.

IP Address Blocked By Synology NAS

If you are using Synology NAS within your network and trying to use any of the Synology Services like Synology Photos, Synology videos, etc on your phone, tab, or PC, then you need to log in using the local Synology Account. In some cases, due to the system update or some other reasons, the login to the device might cause the issue.

If the device that is used to access the Synology service, whether it is a phone, tab, or anything failed to log in continuously multiple times, Synology will add the IP address of that device to the blocked list. So, you won’t be able to use the Synology service on that particular device, until you manually unblock the IP address.

How to Remove Blocked IP Address From Synology NAS

To remove the blocked IP address from the Synology NAS, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Log in to the Synology NAS using the admin username and password,d

Step 2: Got the desktop and click on the Control Panel option.

Step 3: From the control panel, Click on the Settings menu.

Step 4: From the setting section, Click on the Protection tab.

Step 5: Within the Protection setting, you will find a button Allow/Block List. Click on that.


Step 6: Now a popup window will appear showing all the Allowed and Blocked lists. Click on the Block List Tab item.

Step 7: You will see the blocked IP address within the list.


Step 8: Now click on the IP address that you wish to unblock. Then click on the Remove Button.


Step 9: Finally a confirmation window will appear asking for the confirmation. Click on the Delete button.


Done, the IP address is now removed from the block list and is now unblocked. You can now try login in again from the previously blocked device and will log in now without any issue.

In this way, you can unblock the blocked IP address from the Synology NAS easily.