WonderFox Document Manager to Effectively Manage Important Files and Documents

Are you facing issues while managing and handling your important files and documents? If yes, then it will be better for you to use the WonderFox Document Manager. It is one of the best and reliable tools that can help you in creating backup routines, managing your documents and encrypt your files. WonderFox Document Manager is easy to use and also very lightweight. The user-interface of this program is incredible and simple to understand for the users.

By using this program, you would be able to manage your daily office documents easily without any issues at all. It is possible to manage and list documents with a few clicks rather than searching for documents one by one. If you want to protect your documents from other users, then you can take the help of “Lock”, “Hide” and “Encrypt features of this program. For preventing accidental deletion, just use the “Encrypt” feature.

WonderFox Document manager also helps in maintaining personal privacy so that you can protect your vital documents from others. Just encrypt your document and give a password to open your documents. If you have a habit of forgetting the password, then you can use the “lock” feature where you can lock your files so that nobody can open it from their end. There is also a “Hide” feature which can help in hiding your documents completely from the other users.

If you are handling too many documents regularly, then it will take your precious time and effort for sure. At last, you would end up getting bored by not getting the files you are looking for. In this type of situation, WonderFox Document Manager helps in finding and managing your files conveniently and easily without any hassle. It is easy to index several document files from your computer hard disk. Just click on the “index” and press “Ok” to proceed further. After doing this, you would get a details list of the files so that you can find your files easily.

The advanced search option in the WonderFox Document Manager allows you to search your target documents with a super-fast response. You would be able to search several files at one time by using this option. Even those files and documents which you haven’t used for a long time can be searched easily. It is a one-stop solution for securing your most private and critical important files and documents.


WonderFox Document Manager is a perfect tool for managing and handling your documents stored on your hard disk. If you are working with multiple documents at your office, then you need to use this program for handling your files. There are no drawbacks that need to be addressed. This program is free to use and you do not have to pay anything for using its trial version. After completing the trial version, you need to pay for using this program. There is also a 30 days money-back guarantee for the users.

Download and install it to manage your documents right now!

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