MiniTool Partition Wizard Free – Review

MiniTool Partition Wizard Free is one of the best and reliable disk partitioning software and also very simple to use for everyone. It helps in measuring drive performance and properly analyzes disk space usage in the easiest ways. With the help of MiniTool Partition Wizard, users would be able to check file system, convert MBR to GPT, manage disks and partitions and align SSD partition. It also gives new features like Space Analyzer and Disk Benchmark to bring users the perfect experience.

You need to understand that it is free partition management software for Windows which can easily handle lots of your various tasks on partitions and hard drives without any issues. This free wizard allows you to format, copy, wipe, delete, resize and extend partitions in Windows. If you want more additional features for your needs, then you can go for the Pro version of this software. By going through the Pro version, you would get the 1-year free upgrade or life-time free upgrade.

It would be better for you to understand that this free partition software has a very simple and easy to understand user interface. If you are using it for the first time, then you would not get any problem or issues at all. It works on all Windows platforms which include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP and Window Vista. Let’s go through some of its Pros and Cons right now.


  • Simple and user-friendly, even for new computer users
  • Allow you preview changes before proceeding further
  • It includes several useful operations
  • Free to use without paying anything from your pocket
  • It is possible to extend the system partition without rebooting your computer


  • You can use it only for personal use
  • Not possible to manage dynamic volumes
  • You may need to install another program while setting up
  • Not possible to convert between MBR and GPT without losing your valuable data
  • Display features which only work in the upgraded version


I personally think the overall feel and look for MiniTool Partition Wizard free makes whatever you are going to do with your computer’s partitions simple to understand and accomplish. You should understand that the options are not overwhelming and each of them are named accurately. The only major issue with MiniTool Partition Wizard free is that there would be some features appear to be an available option only until you choose them and you should upgrade to a paid version to use it.

Let me give you a simple example for understanding purpose, although Dynamic Disk options are visible and basic disks are supported, but you are not able to convert a dynamic disk to a basic disk because it is not possible in the free version to manage your dynamic disks. You should go for the Pro or Server editions to manage and handle your dynamic disks.

So, I would recommend this free partition software to everyone. Start using it right now itself!

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