How to Win in Customer Support Using a Helpdesk

For any business, keeping the customers happy is absolutely important and the role of customer experience has assumed greater significance in business scene. The reality is present generation customers are well informed about services and products and businesses find it harder to woo them by using promotions and discounts alone. The customers will not hesitate to move to a rival if they are not happy with service or products of your company. This is precisely why the companies are going out of their ways to keep the customers content. That is why the adoption of IT helpdesk solutions has gone up. These specialized software applications let the companies fulfill diverse customer needs without any hassles and delay.

Ways to use helpdesk tools to woo and retain the customers

You need to invest in the right helpdesk tool for business growth and long term benefits. However, buying the apt helpdesk solution is not enough. You need to know the right ways to use the application. The agents should utilize the tool in numerous ways to fulfill customer expectations. This will ensure you can retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Listed below are some handy tips using which the support agents can make best use of the helpdesk software and create positive impression on the customers:

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1. Making maximum use of the multichannel sync and features in the helpdesk application
It is best if your company has chosen a multichannel helpdesk tool to offer support and services to the customers. However, the support agents need to make maximum use of the multiple channels and sync them to offer enhanced service to the customers, round the clock. This way, they can engage with the customers using various support modes including the social media channels. If necessary, they can also transfer a customer using one support mode to another. The settings should be tweaked to let the agents communicate and interact with the customers using any of the support modes. This will ensure the customers can reach out to the agents without hassles.

2. Integrating the helpdesk solution with other software used in the company
Top notch IT ticketing system can be integrated with numerous software and cloud services. So, you should ensure the helpdesk is linked with software used in the company. It has to be integrated with the CRM database, to begin with. This will help the agents understand the profile of the customers contacting them. The helpdesk should also be integrated with security software and accounting software. This will help the agents resolve any claims and disputes with ease. In other words, integrating the helpdesk tool with software and online services used by the company will ease support operation workflow.

3. Using automation features in the helpdesk solution for overall benefits
Modern IT helpdesk applications are equipped with fair amount of automation features and technologies. Enabling these automation features and using them make things better- both for the agents and the company customers. By setting the automation features, the customer queries can always be answered even if the agents are not around! Similarly, the live chat can be laden with AI enabled chat bots to take care of clients pinging at odd hours. These tools also come with options for automatically responding to commonplace customer queries through pre saved email templates.

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The automation features can also be used to great effects by setting rules for automated ticket creation and handling. The customer support software can be configured to convert tickets from multiple sources to tickets and segregate them under sections. The raised tickets are thereafter assigned to the agents by the software automatically. It is both time saving and convenient for all parties! This also frees up the agents and they can take up serious customer cases.

4. Monitoring for delays and problems
While the agents in your support team may be professional and dedicated, they have certain limitations. Sometimes, there may be delay in resolving certain tickets. Some tickets may take longer than expected time for resolution for numerous factors. Regardless of the root cause, hassles and delay in ticket resolution can make the customers angry and it may affect their perception about the brand. To evade this, you may use the monitoring features present in the helpdesk software. Modern IT service desk software come with robust monitoring features and these can be used to sniff problems before they can escalate into ugly face-offs. In fact, some such software have provisions for issuing alerts and notifications when tickets get delayed or more than one agent deal with same ticket etc. This ensures the customers do not have to wait for resolution or face hassles after raising tickets.

5. Integrating with social media channels
It is necessary that you integrate the company’s helpdesk tool with its social media profiles. This integration will help in catering to the requirements of the customers who stay glued to those online services. After the helpdesk is linked with the brand’s Instagram and Facebook profiles, the agents can respond to the feeds and posts of the customers directly from the UI. The customers need not use any separate method to get their issues resolved, in these cases.

6. Being clear about the SLAs is important
You need to set clear expectations for the customers regarding the SLA. The Service level agreements specify the type and extent of support a customer will get when he/she submits a ticket. The helpdesk tools can be used to generate the SLAs. However, once you create the SLA ensure that you follow it without fail. In fact, you should try to exceed the customer expectations in this regard! If the SLA specifies an average response time of 4 hours after a ticket is raised, ensure the response is made within 3 hours. This helps in creating a strong and positive impression on the customers.

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7. Taking feedback from the customers
You may have a perception that the company’s support quality is great and there is nothing that can be changed to enhanced customer service. However, it is important that you take opinions and feedbacks from the customers. This can be done by using the helpdesk tool. For example, you can append a small feedback section or survey at the end of chat sessions. The helpdesk tool can be used to append a small online survey and feedback link at the end of emails sent to the customers. Even the FAQ section can be laden with a feedback form. This way the customer feedbacks can reach you easily. By incorporating their suggestions, it becomes easier to offer them enhanced service and earn their trust.

8. Developing the knowledgebase by using helpdesk tool
The modern helpdesk solutions come with features to set up knowledge base or self service portal. Some such software let you set up separate portals for use by the company employees and the customers. You can customize the portals in many ways too. Self service portal is what a section of customers prefer over traditional support channels. When such portals are set up, the agents have to cope with fewer tickets, calls and chat sessions. So, this can help in making the customers feel good about the company and its services eventually.

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