Defencebyte Computer Optimizer Review

When your computer starts to slow down, it can be frustrating. You may not be able to do the things you want to do as quickly as you’d like, and it can be tough to get your work done. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to speed up your computer, and one of them is by using an optimizer.

In computer science, optimizing a computer is an integral function that must be done every once to make it’s working better. Optimizing a system means altering the code or programming to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Optimizing a computer system may draw less power, take less processing power, or run faster with the same resources. But, overall, the system starts to function better and faster once it is optimized, and for that reason, it is pretty essential for any computer system, no matter how old or new.

Why Is Optimizing A Computer Important?

Optimizing a computer system has many benefits besides only the system running faster, which is one of the surface-level benefits of optimization. There are several other benefits of using computer optimization software, as it may do wonders for the computer’s working.

  • Every operating system has a registry that stores data about what and how anything happens on the computer. Anything that the user does on the computer is stored there, with information regarding the hardware, the software, the settings, the programs available on the computer, and the passwords that the user uses through the system.

    All of this information is stored in the registry of the operating system. The registry can be cleaned manually by users if they want to, but doing so isn’t recommended as they can accidentally delete integral files. This is why optimizing software should be used instead.

  • Optimizing a computer system also deletes junk files that take up unnecessary disk space, which means less space for important and needed files. Junk files also pile up on each other and slow down the computer system, which is another important benefit of optimization. But doing so manually takes a lot of effort, and therefore such a task should be done by optimization software instead. However, such software doesn’t delete the files without taking the user’s permission.
  • When someone optimizes their system using optimization software, it also detects system errors. These errors can then be repaired manually, by another software, or by the optimization software itself. Fixing computer errors increases the longevity of the computer system, which is another reason why optimizing computers is important.
  • Malware is instead commonly found on unoptimized computer systems. Without optimization, the malware has an easier time hiding in the system and damaging the system, before which they slow down the system’s working. Optimizing a system detects such malware and removes them from the deepest hidden parts of the system, which brings the system’s working back to its original smoothness. Optimization can also get back files that were damaged due to such malware as well.
  • Another additional benefit of optimization is detecting hardware issues, which, unfortunately, optimization software cannot fix. Startup programs are the programs that start running as soon as a computer system is turned on. When such programs run, they take up space in the RAM, slowing the system’s starting. Optimizing the system turns off the unneeded startup programs, which they do so by first checking which of the startup programs are used by the user and which are not.

Features Of Defencebyte Computer Optimizer

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer is a computer optimization software that labels itself as a registry cleaner, one of its prime functions and features. The software can be used on a free trial for a limited period or can be bought to be used permanently on a computer system.

Due to its extremely low system requirements, the software can run on virtually any computer system, no matter how old and obsolete.
Some of the features of the Defencebyte Computer Optimizer are –

  1. Defencebyte Computer Optimizer’s prime feature is its ability to empty the computer registry to boost its speed for the user’s convenience. The registry keys are scanned by Defencebyte Computer Optimizer and then presented to the user, which is then deleted or not deleted with the user’s permission.
  2. Every computer system has several different uninstall entries, which take up unwanted space and hinder the computer’s performance. Such entries are also detected by Defencebyte Computer Optimizer and can then be removed by the user if they wish to.
  3. After using a computer system for a long period, for example, about five years, the system starts to clutter up and mess with its working, which the user can fix, but doing so is extremely tedious and time-consuming. Defencebyte Computer Optimizer declutters through the mess when it optimizes the system during its scans.
  4. When Defencebyte Computer Optimizer scans the whole system to optimize it, it detects some problematic files, which may or may not be malware and viruses. Similar to registry keys and uninstall entries, such files are also detected and can be deleted by the user if they wish to do so.
  5. Defencebyte Computer Optimizer’s scan also picks up on system issues present within the system. Some of these system errors stem from problematic files, which the user can remove after the scan and fix some of the system errors. The other system errors can be fixed by using other software instead.
  6. The Defencebyte Computer Optimizer scan also picks up CPU and RAM usage by running dormant programs and processes, which enables the user to use the software as a task manager.
  7. Defencebyte Computer Optimizer also removes unwanted processes in the RAM, which fastens and smoothens the working of the computer system, thereby optimizing the system for better and longer usage.
  8. Defencebyte Computer Optimizer has a feature where users can set periodical scans of their system. After the user sets a specific period, the software will scan their system for the above reasons.
  9. Another feature of Defencebyte Computer Optimizer is that users can free up space in their hard drives by using its scanning feature, making space for other files such as images, videos, video games, etc.

Pricing And Free Trial

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer provides a free trial version that users can use with limited features. This free trial can be used for as long as the user wishes to use it, but with the limit implemented on the features, it is much better to buy a subscription from the official websites.

Defencebyte offers four different packs, which can be bought for one year. In other words, we can buy the packs on a yearly subscription basis. The pricing of these packs is –

  • For one computer system for one year – $38.95
  • For three computer systems for one year – $78.95
  • For five computer systems for one year – $111.95
  • For ten computer systems for one year – $181.95

Minimum System Requirements

The system requirements of Defencebyte Computer Optimizer are extremely low, and they can virtually run on any system from any era of computers. The minimum system requirements are:-

Supported Operating System

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer runs on almost every single version of Windows, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Therefore, wherever applicable, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of these operating systems can run Defencebyte Computer Optimizer.

Hardware Requirements

The CPU requirements for Defencebyte Computer Optimizer are extremely low, as it can run on any processor from Pentium 233 MHz and above.

The RAM requirements for Defencebyte Computer Optimizer start from a meager 128 MB, which means it will run smoothly on the current standard of RAM.

A minimum of 500 MB of disk space is required to install Defencebyte Computer Optimizer.


Defencebyte Computer Optimizer is one of the most comprehensive and practical optimization tools available. It offers a wide range of features and options to clean, repair and optimize your computer. After trying out many different optimization software, we have to say that Defencebyte Computer Optimizer is one of the best.

It’s straightforward to use, and it does a great job of improving your computer’s performance. We particularly like how it can help you manage your startup programs and clean out your registry. Both areas can slow down your computer, so it’s great to have an easy way to deal with them. The other thing we like about Defencebyte Computer Optimizer is that it comes with a money-back guarantee. So if you’re not happy with the results, you can get your money back.

We always look for this in optimization software, as it shows that the company is confident in its product. Overall, we would recommend Defencebyte Computer Optimizer to anyone who wants to improve their computer’s performance. It’s easy to use, effective and comes with a money-back guarantee. What more could you ask for?

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