Bitwarden Chrome Extension – Google Password Alternative

Those who browse the internet using the Google Chrome browser don’t need much introduction to the Google Password Manager. The free passwords manager offered by Google will sync your stored passwords with all the connected devices using the Google account.

However, have you ever heard that the Bitwarden Password manager and the Bitwarden chrome extension, which is available for free, can replace the Google Password Manager? Yes, Bitwarder is an open-source password manager that can be used as an alternative to Google Password manager. However, some people are concerned about privacy and don’t like to store passwords with google services. For those, Bitwarden is an excellent option.

Bitwarden as Alternative for Google Password Manager

Most users prefer the Google password managers because they are free and available without restrictions. It is easy to use and seamlessly available on all google products like Google Chrome, Android devices, etc. If you are an Android user, then Google Password is the default password manager, and it works well with all the apps on the mobile.

The autofill feature is excellent with Google passwords on Android mobile and the chrome browser, on both mobile and desktop. However, there is some limitation too. Since it is integrated with the Google ecosystem, the passwords won’t be available on other browsers like Firefox, Safari on Mac, etc. So if you are the one that uses multiple browsers and wants to have the same password to be available on all the devices, you should consider some alternative, especially a third-party password manager.

So, here comes the Bitwarden as the rescue. Bitwarden can be considered the best alternative for Google Passwords since it is open-source, and you can use it for free. When we say it is the best alternative, we are not saying it is the best when considering other options. We have some other Password managers like Dashlane, LastPass, etc., which are great and better than Bitwarden. However, those are paid, and you need to subscribe to them to get the full feature. So, when we consider a free alternative for Google Password, Bitwarden is the best choice.

Bitwarden Password Manger

As a free alternative, Bitwarden Extension for chrome is the best option. You will get all the features you are currently getting from Google Passwords and the very needed cross-browser and platform capability. If you use Bitwarden as your default password manager, you won’t have to stick with Google Chrome anymore. You can use other browsers like Firefox, Brave, Safari, etc. Your password on Bitwarden will be available on all the devices.

The main features of Bitwarden include

  • Open-source Security
  • Sync with all devices on any platform
  • End to end Encryption
  • Password Audit

Bitwarden Chrome Extension to Switch From Google Passwords

If you are switching from Google Password, you can import all the current passwords from the Google Chrome browser or the Google Password website. After importing Bitwarden, all your passwords will be available seamlessly on all your device or browsers where you use the same Bitwarden account. Furthermore, as we mentioned about its cross-platform, Bitwarden offers native applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux. So you can download Bitwarden on any platform.

Apart from that, you can install the Bitwarden chrome plugin as a browser extension on all major browsers, including

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Brave
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Vivaldi
  • Tor Browser

Apart from these, Bitwarden is available on Android and iOS platforms. Another beauty of Bitwarden is that it offers a powerful command-line utility for Windows, Mac, and Linux for the pro users. Additionally, you can always manage all your passwords from the web interface without any app or extensions.

So, suppose you are a Google Chrome user, and that is why you prefer to have the Google password manager. With the Bitwarden Extension on Chrome, you can completely replace the Google Password without any issue.

Bitwarden Paid version

Even though the company offers the free version, they also have a paid version with additional features like Two Factor Authentication, Encrypted File storage, etc. However, the free version is enough for an average user, and you can use it without any restriction. At any point, if you wish to upgrade to a paid plan, then we recommend you need to consider some other paid services like Dashlane, LastPass, etc. too.

When we mention Bitwarden as a free alternative for Google passwords, it is an excellent choice, however, for a Paid option, we can’t say it is the best. In short, we recommend that you consider Bitwarden as a free alternative for Google passwords, especially for Chrome browser users with the Chrome Bitwarden Browser extension.

Is Bitwarden Extension is Free to use?

Yes, you can download and install the Bitwarden extension for free. However, some features are available only in the paid version. But with the free plan, you will get all the necessary information and features. You only need to opt for the paid plan if additional features are required.

What are the Plans Available with Bitwarden?

Bitwarden offers a free and paid plan which comes under two categories, one is Individual Plan, and the other is the sharing plan.

Bitwarden Individual Free Plan

Individual Free plan is always free, and it offers all the basic features like the Vault, managed all the private data, location, etc.

Bitwarden Individual Premium Plan

This plan will cost a yearly subscription of $10, which additional features like two-factor authentication, Emergency Account Access itself, and other features.

Bitwarden Sharing – 2 Person Free Sharing Account

The user will get all the same features as the Individual Free Plan in this plan. However, the sharing account provides an additional option to share the password and data with one more user. All these features are available with the free sharing account.

Bitwarden Sharing – Family Organization

This plan offers all the features of the Bitwarden Premium Plan with additional sharing capability. With this plan, you can share the password, vault, and data with up to 6 members of your family.

Is Bitwarden Password Manager & Bitwarden Chrome Extension is the Best In All?

We can’t say that any password manager is the best for all users. The best is always subjective, and it may vary with users. Each user has their preference and priority. Since each password managers have its uniqueness and strength, the best option may change with users. But considering Bitwarden as the Password Manager, we can say that it is one of the best password managers for most users.

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