Are you looking for reliable and genuine software for capturing and editing videos and screenshots? If yes, then you should download and install Ashampoo Snap 10 right now. It is one of the most vital tools for working with several media files as well as sharing video and image content to other platforms. Screenshots have become an important part of your daily task and it is necessary to have a dedicated tool for handing video captures and screenshots. Ashampoo Snap 10 is great screenshot software which helps in recording screen into a video, taking a screenshot and many more.

By using this software for Windows, you would be able to handle all the complex tasks easily without any issues at all. Users can record their computer screen and able to edit the video and publish it in just a few seconds. The user-interface of this tool is easy to understand for the users and you are not going to face any issues at all. It would make your experience better and smooth. After installing the software, you can check a slim blue line in the screen top right area. Just hover over and click on the quick action menu. It will let you capture videos and screenshots instantly.

Users can upload the snapshot to the social or cloud platforms like Twitter/Facebook within a few seconds. You can export the snapshot path to another folder or copy it. It comes with screen recording features so that you would be able to capture a single window, all monitors, primary monitor, webcam, and even a rectangular region. If you want to provide an audio source, then you can even give your voice along with the video. Watermarks and Video effects can be enabled. It is also possible to add watermarks with text as well as text. You would get an option to show webcam input along with your screen recording. It is easy to select the size and position on the video canvas.

This tool is best for the bloggers and also for those people who prefer taking a lot of screenshots for sure. The software is not expensive and you would be able to afford it without comprising your budget. It is available at $39.99 and you can even get a discount of 50% percent on it.


Ashampoo Snap 10 is very easy to use and provides a lot more customization options to the users. I would recommend everyone to use this software due to its great features and benefits to the users. The speed is faster and helps in saving your precious time. The easily accessible toolbar helps users to select their capturing method easily without any hassle. It does not support exporting videos in the format of MP4. The program makes it simple to capture videos and images from your laptop or PC. There are plenty of tools lining both sides of the capture screen and help in easy navigating.

So, what are you thinking now? Just use it and share your experiences with us!

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