Ever think of changing the Twitter display name. Today we are looking at how to change the display name on your Twitter account. So at any time, if you wish to change the name on your Twitter account, no problem. It is easy and can be done within few minutes. Also, you may find out more to buy real Twitter followers to boost your Twitter profile faster. 

Twitter Username and Display Name

The username and display name are both different. What we are discussing here is all about the display name. Username is the one that uniquely identifies a user, which can be called the Twitter handle.

It starts with the character ‘@‘, which can easily access one profile and can be used for login and to send direct messages or reply. It can be any name and unique. No more than one person has the same username.

On the other hand, the display name is the one other people see publically. It can be any name, and multiple people have the same name. It will be displayed on the profile page along with the profile image.

How to Change Twitter Display Name

There is no limit to changing the display ane, and we can do it at any time. However, please note that changing username is limited, and it is not recommended to change frequently.

To change the display name,

Log in to the Twitter account and go to the setting area. If you are accessing it from the android or iPhone app, it will generally take you to the profile page. If not, click on the profile icon to access the profile page.

If you are going to change the display name from desktop or laptop, click on the profile icon to access the profile page.

On the profile page, you can see the ‘Edit Profile‘ button.

Click on that. It will open a new window where you can see the current display name. You can change it as per your preference and once done. Finally, click on the ‘Save‘ button.

The new display name will be visible on your profile, and other users can see the new name.

Even though Twitter is not limiting the display name change, make sure not to change the name frequently and it may cause some bad reputation on the social media platform.