SEO vs SEM: Why You Need the Both for a Successful Strategy

Getting confused about the right choice of digital marketing strategy? Well, what if we tell you that the right strategy is to combine SEO and SEM.

Yes, you have read it right!

Gone are the days, when you could only use one strategy for increasing the traffic. The time has now come to use both SEO and SEM to beat your competition.

Using both SEO and SEM can be quite challenging at the start, but knowing when to use one, shall only help in growing your audience.

While SEO can be great when you are facing a cash crunch, SEM works best to have an increase in direct traffic.

Let us see how using both of them can guarantee success for your website.

How do SEO and SEM complement each other?

SEO helps your website to rank on SERP organically. When you are not willing to spend any further on your site, it is the SEO that helps to drive traffic.

On the other hand, it is SEM which helps you to book the top position on SERP for your website. SEM is the combination of SEO and PPC. Using only SEO without SEM would mean that you have to wait to get the traffic to your website. Because SEO takes time, it’s a long-term process.

It is a huge loss if you miss the opportunity to use SEM along with SEO from the beginning.

On the other hand, only SEM would mean a lack of content, reducing the chances of getting traffic, when you stop spending on paid ads.

Once the paid advertisement is over, you might not end up getting any visitors to your website. It is for this reason, why SEM should be done in tandem with SEO.

SEO ensures that the website visitors are not only regular but also loyal. Whereas SEM simply ensures that you get clicks, but not loyal ones.

So, put together, be ready to experience some of the best numbers on your website.

In the Beginning, there is Some Advantage if you go for SEM

A major drawback that comes along in SEO is that the keywords need to be ranked higher for more traffic. But, if you are using the keyword, that has high competition, it becomes difficult to rank!

Your website’s competitors will be old sites that are already reputed and trusted by the search engines. Thus, getting from traffic becomes challenging.

And, this is where SEO alone won’t work the magic.

By creating a paid campaign with those competitive keywords, you can beat your competitor easily. Though the CPC will be high for keywords with more competition.

Ranking your website based on keywords alone is very difficult. Using the paid rankings, ensure that your website is visible and clickable as well.


SEO looks into the organic traffic for you! It helps you to be visible on the SERP rankings using the right keywords, proper intention, and some well researched content!

But SEM does the work of targeting the audience. If the right audience is not targeted, you might never get a loyal audience base.

And, this is why using SEO and SEM together is the key to modern digital marketing.

Modern digital marketing is all about ROI. While you implement the new hybrid strategy, make sure, you keep an eye on the ROI of your marketing campaigns too!

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