Implementing SEO techniques to boost the online presence of a website or a web page has been a common and trusted business standard for a long time now. However, the SEO field has seen significant changes over the years, with new and better software being utilized by search engines. SEO experts in Perth have Ethelred numerous businesses to understand which SEO tactics to use and which to avoid.

Over the years, there have been many beliefs in the SEO market about the techniques that boost rankings and those that do not work. Some of these trends have been disproved by SEO experts, but many still exist in myths about SEO. This article will examine the most common myths and help burst them for you to make more informed decisions in the future.

1 – Links outweigh everything else

Research has shown that link building significantly helps improve the ranking of businesses and websites on a search engine result page. This, however, does not imply that links are the most important consideration concerning SEO.

A link can only boost a website or web page ranking power if the initial content is up to the mark. Conversely, if visitors are directed to your website but the content is subpar, it can lead to an increased bounce rate and a lower ranking in the long term.

Suppose a website developer invests all their time in link building and neglects the quality of content. In that case, the conversion rate or revenue for the business is not going to grow. One should consider hiring SEO expert Perth in case they need greater clarity on conversation rates.

A website should focus on quality over quantity as it is better to have a few good links and engaging content, which will keep visitors on your website for longer rather than having many links and poor content as it will increase potential driveway customers.

2 – Optimising a site for the mobile is not that important

Popular search engines like Google do not value websites that do not consider mobile phone users. Data has shown that 40% of internet searchers use only their mobile phones to search.

In light of this, a big blunder is neglecting to optimize one’s website or web page for the mobile phone user. By alienating the mobile phone users from your website, an individual can lose a lot of business as these visitors could have been potential clients and customers.

A business cannot afford to lose such a large portion of the clientele because they ignore optimizing their website for the mobile phone experience, believing this myth would be extremely disadvantageous, as suggested by an SEO expert.

3 – Absolute precision in keywords is required

Keywords are extremely important in SEO, but the current market places a lot of emphasis on selecting only the perfect and exactly right keywords.

One does not need to be worried about exact keyword phrases because search engines like Google can understand and connect keywords closely related to each other.

SEO experts say that businesses should select quality keywords over exact ones as this will naturally cause increased traffic.

Let us look onto some more myths associated with SEO

SEO is a one-time activity

And it is completely wrong! Most organizations think that SEO is a one-time activity and discards that it needs to be done continuously. On the contrary, SEO is an ongoing process as there are many changes done continuously.

It is all about uniformly monitoring the changes and putting all efforts into optimizing as it benefits in the long term. An effectively done SEO will boost the website and increase the ranking on search engine pages.

Fill the website’s home page with a lot of content for higher rankings

There is always a risk of an increased bounce rate if the audience finds lengthy content on your website. On the other hand, simplified home pages and landing pages attract more people as they find it easy to understand and navigate your website.

Instead of heavily loading your website with useless scrap, focus on optimizing every piece of content on your website so that the audience stays for a longer span. It will make sure the relevant audience will land on your website and increase the chances of higher conversions.


Not believing in any of the myths mentioned above is paramount for any website or webpage that is looking to develop and grow. Another key influence that can help boost business for a website by any SEO expert in Perth. To ensure that your website is following the right optimization tools, contact a professional today.

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