Competitor Analysis: Designster vs Design Shifu

The digital world has opened the door for a multitude of businesses. Its technological advancements have expanded the capabilities of various enterprises to capitalize on its online community. When we mention the “online community” we are speaking about millions of peoples from across the world establishing a presence in the digital hemisphere.

Nowadays, even finding a person without a Facebook page is a rarity. This has allowed people from all walks of life to interact with one another. The diversity of the online community gives companies leverage to arrest their attention and convert them into buyers.

It is important to dissect the nature of online users first hand in order to attract them to your business. It is a matter of fact that users tend to ignore textual content that articulates the description of the product or business. They especially avoid enlarged textual documents that serve as important information pertaining to the business.

It is in their nature to be receptive to visual content instead. This is why it has become imperative for businesses to enhance the optics of their business to ensure that they are acknowledged by their consumer demographic.

This sounds pretty easy, right? Wrong.

The Business World is Competitive!

With millions of businesses operating throughout the world, is becoming difficult for them to stand out from the competition. Businesses that have no visual representation in place for their brand will collapse within a matter of months maybe sooner. The requirement of visual imagery for every business that hopes to succeed is not an option anymore. But businesses do not have the tools to construct their own visual mechanism.

This is where the services of graphic designers come in. These graphic designers perform their duties from a legitimate graphic design platform to create attractive web pages, logos, and illustrations for businesses that will help them gain more customers. You can only settle for the best when it comes to choosing graphic design firms. The question is which ones?
You will find your answer in either Designster or Design Shifu.

Designster or Design Shifu: How do they differ from one another?



Designster has entered the competition and has blown away expectations as an emerging platform for many businesses with unlimited requests and revisions. It has become one of the most credible and trusted graphic designing firms in the world. It has received unanimous praise for providing innovative and imaginative material to its clients which is a unique occurrence for startup businesses.

Designster takes a transparent approach in maintaining a professional outlook for its clients. That said, it continues to remain an open and friendly communication medium for its customers. They go out of their way to ensure that their customers are in their comfort zone when approaching their graphic designers.

What separates Designster from other developed graphic design platforms is its affordable prices. You can avail their blogs, logos, and web designs for only $299. But this is not the best part of it. You can acquire these services for a period of two months! Normally other graphic design platforms provide their basic services for only a month.

Then there is a factor of it having the backing of a multinational corporation. This corporation consists of 200+ employees who overlook every editing and corrections pertaining to the visionary aspect of the Unlimited Graphic Design Services. This renders Designster as a one-of-a-kind graphic design platform.

Design Shifu

Design Shifu was established to save you the time to seek out and hire freelancers to construct your designs. It operates as an unlimited graphic design firm that designs logos, social media pictures, ads, etc. for a flat price.

Design Shifu understands the necessity of diversity pertaining to the general audience. While it is headquartered in the USA. It caters to a diverse audience who wish to establish relations with a graphic design company with legitimate functionality.


It offers a fixed but affordable price for its platform services. Design Shifu’s monthly unlimited services are offered at $299 per month. This renders it a mainstream graphic design platform that provides a similar monthly basis of services to its clients.

Its other offers like Pay Per Plan and Monthly Limited Plan are priced at $29 and $99 respectively. While that seems incredibly cheap, there is a catch. The revisions and requests pertaining to these offers are limited. Revisions are only two times for each offer. This could become a risky choice for many users when using this graphic design firm.


Here the winner is Designster naturally.

It goes without saying that both the graphic design firms create similar visual content for their clients. This includes logos, website designs, apps, and posters.

When it comes down to the matter of choice, the services that separate Designster from Shifu is that all its services are provided with unlimited requests and revisions. Whereas, in the case of Design Shifu their Pay Per Plan and Monthly Limited Plan have limitations pertaining to their requests and revisions. This could become a liability for many businesses who could end up wasting money and time if their final product is not reflective of their brand identity.

Another factor that separates Designster from Design Shifu is that their $299 offer is offered for a period of two months while Design Shifu offers theirs for one month only. Designster is a cost-saving investment for all businesses startup or otherwise.

It should be noted that another saving grace factor of Designster is that it gives you a 10-day money-back guarantee with no contracts. While Design Shifu, on the other hand, gives you a 14-day money-back guarantee. Designster gives you a faster time-saving opening as opposed to Design Shifu.

So, if you are looking for an authentic and results-oriented graphic design firm, Designster is the one for you.

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