If you are using any password manager to store passwords, you probably might have heard about LastPass. Yes, LastPass is the best and most used password manager worldwide, and it is the favorite service for users. But unfortunately, LastPass restricted the syncing of passwords with multiple devices a few months back.

Now free users of LastPass can only use the service on one device at a time, and no syncing possible between multiple devices. This forced users to think of an alternative for LastPass or to upgrade to the paid version.

If a user wishes to have access to the passwords on the mobile and desktop simultaneously, it is not possible now with the free version. So it would be best if you upgraded to the premium plan that costs $3 per month.

But here we have an alternative which is Dashlane. Please note that Dashlane is also a subscription-based service that offers free and paid plans, and here also, you need to upgrade to the premium plan to get unlimited device sync.

Dashlane’s premium plan also costs more than $3 per month, but here is one hidden trick available. The thing is that if you try to subscribe to their premium plan via Google PlayStore, the price might get reduced to even less than $1 per month.

Google PlayStore offers a yearly subscription for $10 sometimes. It is also to be noted that it is not a public offer available all the time and for all the users.

PlayStore only offers these custom offers to selected users and during specified times, so try your luck by checking in the PlayStore. Goto PlayStore app on your mobile and download the Dashlane app.

Register for a free plan and try to upgrade to the premium plan. If the offer applies to you, you can find the custom plan with a 50-70% discount. The price may vary for each user, and the offer will be available to selected users only.

Dashlane Desktop App

Dashlane provides a chrome extension for storing and accessing passwords from the desktop or laptop. You can’t find the desktop application from the download page. However, the desktop application is still available and is hidden from the public download page.

To download the desktop app, Login to Dashlane account from the desktop browser.

Once logged in, you will reach the dashboard of the Dashlane account.

From the left menu panel, click on the ‘My Account‘ option.

Now on the right panel, you can find the My account panel.

Click on the ‘More Features‘ option.

Now you will see a window with the ‘Download‘ button.

Click on it, it will download the desktop app to the system, and you can install it as like other software.

Free VPN by Dashlane

Dashlane password manager offers a complimentary free VPN subscription to all its premium users. If you are subscribed to the premium plan, you will get free VPN access via Dashlane mobile app.

Note: The VPN offered by Dashlane is only average, and you may find some reduced speed on your internet connection if you are using Dashlane VPN.

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