The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has announced significant changes to its channel pricing regulations, providing relief to broadcasters and potentially impacting consumers. The regulatory body has lifted the price cap previously set at Rs. 130 for 200 channels and Rs. 160 for over 200 channels.

Under the new guidelines, broadcasters can now price their channels without restrictions. However, they are required to offer a 45% discount on the maximum retail price (MRP) when selling channels to distributors. This move aims to balance industry concerns while ensuring consumer interests are protected.

TRAI has also introduced a 15% annual limit on price increases for channels, allowing broadcasters to adjust prices gradually. For consumers seeking budget-friendly options, Distribution Platform Operators (DPOs) are permitted to offer channel bouquets at discounted rates.

The regulatory body emphasizes the importance of transparency, urging broadcasters to clearly communicate channel prices, genres, and languages to consumers. TRAI advises viewers to carefully consider their preferences and usage patterns when selecting channel packages.

These changes come in response to industry feedback and are designed to promote a more flexible pricing structure in the broadcasting sector. TRAI will continue to monitor the market and may introduce further adjustments as needed to ensure a fair and competitive environment for all stakeholders.

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