Samsung Galaxy Fold Release Date Postponed Due to Screen Breaking Issues

The latest innovation from Samsung in mobile technology is the Galaxy Fold devices. The new mobile from Samsung was expected to be released this week in several markets including the US, Hong Kong, China, India, etc. However, due to an issue with the foldable screen, the company announced that they have postponed the release date.

Samsung already delivered the early production model of Galaxy Fold devices to some of the reviewers in the United States and most of them reported issues with the screen. There where a large number of complaints regarding the screen breaking issues. The Galaxy Fold devices are first of its kind in which the display itself can be folded. The new foldable smartphone was one of the most expected devices by all smartphone lovers all around the world.

But with the initial usage, most of the reviewers are saying that the screen is braking while folding and which led the company to reinvestigate on the same and to deliver the product with zero issues. CNET has reported that Samsung has notified them with the new launch date in the upcoming week and they are looking into the issue seriously.

Samsung also started the pre-order of the device in the US and other countries. With the development of new issues, Samsung has sent an email regarding the same. Samsung guarantees that the order will be active and they will not charge its customers until the new product has been shipped. However, the release date and shipping date is not yet confirmed. So all the pre-ordered customers can wait until the product release and the price of the galaxy fold will be deducted at the time of shipping.

If anyone wishes to cancel their order as a result of the new development can do the same from the Samsung website itself.

Samsung didn’t make any comment regarding the issues, but as per the report, they are saying that the issue has been noted and trying to look into it and fixing prior to the release date. The updated device will be launched in the coming weeks. The Samsung galaxy fold has been priced at $2000 which is considered to be one of the most expensive mobiles in the market and with unique technology.

However, the price in the USA is somehow close to 2K dollars, the price of the Galaxy Fold in other major markets such as India, China, Hong Kong is not yet revealed.

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