Raspberry Pi is always the best and recommended mini pc for home network lab setup. Even though it is a small single-board computer, the demand for Rasberry Pi is high; hence, you won’t quickly get a new one.

In this article, we will not see detailed information about Rasberry Pi. Here we will see one simple that most users are looking to find. To quickly find the RAM of the Rasberry Pi, including the total RAM, used and free RAM memory, etc.

How to Find the RAM Memory of Rasberry Pi

You can find the RAM memory of any Raspberry model, including Single Board Rasberry Pi, Rasberry Laptop, or Rasberry Pi OS installed on any PC or desktop. Since the Rasberry operations are mainly done via the command line and have minimum desktop functionalities, it is not easy to check the RAM details like in other desktop PC

Check Rasberry Pi RAM Memory Via command line

Open the terminal of your Raspberry Pi. If you are connecting the Rasberry Pi from a remote PC, use SSH to connect to the Rasberry Pi. After authentication, you are good to go.

Type free -h on the terminal and hit enter.
Now you will see the memory details, including the RAM and Swap memory usage. The total RAM, used, free, and shared memory can be found.


For megabytes, the memory will be listed as Mi, and for gigabytes, the memory will be shown as Gi. So you can easily find the RAM resource and its utilization using a single and effortless command.