Github Now in hands of Microsoft – Looking for an Alternative

Microsoft now confirms that, the company is now acquiring the popular code versioning website Github, the name most popular for all the developers around the world. Github was the all time favorite website for the developers around the world. Even-though there where so many competitors came, none can ever managed to beat Github. Even Microsoft’s own website Code Plex didn’t make that and finally company closed that too.

Github is a code repository where, developers store there source codes, documentation etc. It is open-source and people can use it freely. Many top companies such as Apple, Microsoft, etc are using Github to store their source code of various projects. Microsoft now become a prime contributor to github and they even have more than 1000 developers pushing the source codes to Github now.

Even-though it is acquired by Microsoft, we can hope, the company will not change the existing free to use account to a paid one. If they did like that, it will be big hit for all the developers around the world, because more than 70% of the source codes and documentation are now made through Github.

Anyway, keep that aside, we will now look into an alternative for Github. Its GitLab, a free to use Github alternative, Its not a big competitor for GitHub, however, many people loves it over Github. The most highlighted feature is that, it offers you private repository even in free account, where as Github will provide you only public repository in free account. If you need to create private repository, you have to pay monthly for that.

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What is Public and Private Repository

Both services have public and private repository options, you can create public or private in GitLab, where as Github let you to create public repository only in free account. A public repository is the one in which all the files and source codes you pushed into the Github/GitLab will be publicly available to anyone. So anyone can see your code and use it. In this case you cannot upload your sensitive files and source codes to it to keep it as storage.

In the private repository, you can upload your source codes, but here the files will be visible to you only and one who you have given access to see it. So in private repository, you can upload even your sensitive codes too, and you can keep it as a backup source.

Gitlabs this feature makes it favorite for those who don’t want to pay money to keep their source code private.

Is GitLab completely free

As like the Github, GitLab also has several plans which provides different features upon you need. If you are just looking to keep a track of your source code and to keep it as a backup, you can choose for free plan, or go for a paid one. You can check the pricing on their website

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