Did you tried to install the customization application called Good Lock on your Samsung Galaxy M21 and was a success? Currently, Samsung Galaxy M21 users are not able to install the popular One UI customization application called Good Lock.

Samsung users are familiar with the official UI customization application called Good Lock. To those who are not known about that, we will give some basic information also here.

What is Good Lock?

Good Lock is an addon application for the Samsung Galaxy devices which will give the users the option to customize the application to the next level. The application can be installed from Play Store or the Galaxy Store as like other applications.

Once installed, it will offer you options to install additional modules that can be used to customize the various options on your Galaxy Devices including the lock screen, quick panel, status bar, etc. Each module can be installed as a separate application and all together will be available in the Good Lock dashboard.

Why Good Lock is not available for Samsung Galaxy M21?

As we know, the Samsung Galaxy M21 is the latest budget handset from Samsung and the company didn’t add the support of Good Lock for the device. If you goto the PlayStore or the Galaxy Store, you will not be able to find the apps there in the list.

Why Good Lock is not available in some regions?

Samsung limited the rollout of the Good Lock app for some countries now and users of that particular region are able to install the application form PlayStore or Galaxy Store. In that case, users need to wait for the official rollout in your region or try an alternative way to install the application.

An alternative way to install the Good Lock on Galaxy Device

There is some alternative way to install the Good Lock app on your Galaxy devices, the best one is to install the latest APK file from trustable sources like APKMirror. You can download the Good Lock APK file and the supporting modules also as an APK file.
Download and install each file on your device so that the app will work on your device.

APK File not installing. Getting App Not Installed message?

If you try to install the application as an APK file and you are getting a message saying App not installed, then it means that Samsung is blocking you from installing the application. In that case, you need to wait for further updates so that Samsung will fix the issue and add the support for Good Lock and the supporting application modules.

Good Lock now Supports Android 10 devices

Samsung recently added the support for Android 10 device for the Good Lock application. The latest galaxy devices running on Samsung One UI 2 and Android 10 now can use the Good Lock application, but if you are facing the above-mentioned issues, then you can try the alternative method or need to wait for the official update or the fix.

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