How to Use Airdrop on iPhone – Steps to Turn on Airdrop

Airdrop on iPhone and other Apple devices is an inbuilt file sharing mechanism available so that any Apple user can transfer files with others without any third-party application.

What is Airdrop on iPhone and other Apple Devices?

Airdrop is apple’s file-sharing application built-in all apple devices, whether it is an iPhone, Mac, or iPad. Airdrop helps users to share photos and videos with other devices easily. Apple users also use Airdrop to transfer files between friends and relatives.

Since Airdrop is an app offered by Apple, you can use apple devices only for file transfer.

How Airdrop Transfer Files

Airdrop uses Bluetooth wireless technology to transfer the files wirelessly. Both the devices should turn on the Airdrop and should be close to each other. Since the Bluetooth range is shorter, both devices should be within 30 feet range to get the maximum file transfer speed.

How to turn on and use Airdrop with iPhone

Follow the steps to turn on Airdrop on your iPhone.

Step 1: Open the control center on your iPhone. To do so, you can swipe down the screen from the top right corner. It will work only if you are using an iPhone X or a newer version. For older devices, you can access the control center by swiping up the screen from the bottom.

Step 2: In the control center option, tap and hold the WiFi icon. Now, you can see the Airdrop icon on the next screen.

Make sure that you turned on both Bluetooth and WiFi on your iPhone. If not, please turn them on before proceeding further.

Step 3: Now, click on the Airdrop Icon, There you will see three options

  • Receiving off
  • Contact Only
  • Everyone

You can click on Contact Only or Everyone to start receiving files.

Receiving off: If you set this option, the device will turn off the receiving option, and no one can send you any file.

Contact Only: In this option, only the person in your contact can send you files.

Everyone: If this option is turned on, anyone can send you files.

As said above, please note that since the file transfer using Bluetooth connectivity, both apple devices should be within 30 feet to get this done.

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