Best External WiFi Receiver for PC

With digitization expanding its horizons, the need for WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) is getting more and more prominent. Everything seems to get squeezed into one space with easy accessibility. This is the reason that numerous Wi-Fi enabled devices are getting technologized for providing hassle-free connectivity.

As the use of laptops is increasing, people are looking for WiFi devices that can help them in continuing their tasks as and when required. Of course, it is the WiFi adaptor for PC that has been the favorite choice of the technocrats.

The purpose of such devices is to provide WiFi services on the go without hampering your work at the time of travel. Today, a variety of such receivers are available in the market and online as well. But, selecting the best Wi-Fi adaptor for PC requires careful research about the devices.

Edimax EW – 7833 UAC

Being one of the ideal Wi-Fi adaptors for PC, Edimax is made to provide high-speed connectivity to the technology-oriented buffs. With Windows 10 managing its settings, the installation of such a device is exceptionally straightforward.

What makes it a wonderful option for an immediate internet connection is its incorporation of a small deployable piece containing three antennas for boosting the internet range. However, this device has been developed to pair well with 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequencies for sure. Of course, you can buy it from Amazon at Rs. 7,350. It tends to give good internet surfing experience.

Linksys WUSB 6300

This device is manufactured to provide the internet speed of AC 1200 that transforms into 860Mbps through 5GHz and 300Mbps with 2.4 GHz. Even with its small size, Linksys has the ability to latest and high-tech technology for wireless adaptors.

In comparison to other devices, its internet speed of 5GHz and more will give you a speedy surfing experience. In this fast-paced world, no one prefers a slow-speed internet providing device. This is the reason that Linksys is becoming a hot favorite. It is available on Amazon at Rs. 5,770.

Netgear Nighthawk AC 1900

Willing to buy a Wi-Fi adaptor for a PC that works exceptionally well for gaming lovers, Netgear Nighthawk is the perfect answer for sure. It is a high-performance USB adaptor that can give excellent internet speed.

In fact, the device has been considered extremely brilliant for improving the Wi-Fi connectivity from the router positioned a few rooms away. Not to forget that Netgear Nighthawk is a powerful adaptor for linking to your personal computer or laptop. This device is accessible over Amazon at a price of about Rs. 5000.

Trendnet TEW – 805 UB

Being available as a compact and powerful Wi-Fi enabled device, it is considered the best bargain for internet lovers. Everyone wants to get high-speed internet on their device. So, this can be an ideal choice. In fact, its textured outer surface protects it from getting smudged in any way.

The Trendnet TEW provides a solid speed, which enables you to carry out uninterrupted work and gaming. When it comes to the matter of working on the internet, no one likes to get their task hampered. This is the reason that Trendnet is one of the favorite devices. The device is available on Amazon at a price of about Rs. 4000.


It is equipped with the capability of connecting WiFi to a laptop or desktop or even a notebook device for the error-free link. Certainly, this Wi-Fi adaptor for PC has been developed to function consistently with Windows, Vista, Mac, Windows 7, XP, and Linux too.

Being accessible with a 12-month warranty, this product enables you to conduct internet surfing and play games as well. The compatibility level is quite great, and it enables you to get high-speed internet connectivity. Indeed, you can buy the device over Amazon at a discounted price of Rs. 340 only; while its original price is Rs. 2000.

TP-Link USB Wi-Fi Adaptor

It is a compact and excellent USB WiFi device, which can be attached to laptops and desktops. A brilliant thing about this device is that it offers fast wireless broadcasts up to 150Mbps. Such a wonderful speed level can be considered optimum for video streaming or even making internet calls.

Moreover, its sleek design makes it easy to store safely. Besides these advantages, TP-Link is developed to provide advanced security in terms of data transfer. With the internet becoming a sensation and futuristic approach to communicating, this USB WiFi device is made to comply with Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS X, and Linux. You can buy the device on Amazon at a discounted price of Rs. 500; while the actual price is Rs. 1150.

As technology is advancing to higher levels, the need to use Wi-Fi devices is increasing too. The best aspect of using such devices is that you do not have to install any specific hardware. Apart from this, wireless devices are quite easy and quick to set-up.

So, now, you can start your work without any delay and with good internet speed. It is quite obvious that crumbles in the internet speed hampers work to a large extent. In times of urgent work deliveries, such a problem can bring a huge loss to your business. This makes it important to buy a Wi-Fi adaptor for PC for excellent internet connectivity.

When you compare these USB devices to the general ones, they are quite cheaper. Not just this; its installation does not require setting a bunch of wires in any way. But, one thing should be noted that USB Wi-Fi adaptors should not be confused with dongles at all.

The purpose of using a USB WiFi adaptor is to connect the device to a wireless connection for easy functionality. On the other hand, a dongle is mobile broadband that provides an internet connection without any wireless network. So, if you are planning to enhance your Wi-Fi connectivity, using a Wi-Fi adaptor for PC is the perfect decision.

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