How to Activate Double Tap Screenshot on iPhone

Taking a screenshot on a smartphone is necessary in many cases, whether iPhone or Android. Taking screenshots and sharing the same helps quickly and efficiently transfer the information effortlessly and rapidly. In this artcile, we will see how to take screenshots on iPhone. It is not a big deal for most iPhone users, and they already know how to take screenshots from iPhones.

However, this article will cover two ways to take a screenshot on iPhone. The two ways include the regular button press option and the double-tap screenshot feature on iPhone.

How to Take Screenshot from iPhone

Firstly, we will see the usual way to take a screenshot on the iPhone. For this, you only need to press the Power button and the Volume up button together. Please remember that you need to press both keys together and release them immediately.

No need to press and hold both buttons. If you keep holding both buttons, the Power off window will appear. So, press both buttons together and release. The screenshot will be taken and automatically saved to the phone. You can find the screenshot by opening the Photo app on your iPhone.

Double Tap Screenshot on iPhone

The double Tap screenshot feature on iPhone is not enabled by default. However, you can manually enable it from the iPhone settings themselves. Before proceeding further, you need to know that the double-tap screenshot feature is activated on the backside of your iPhone, not on the screen. You need to tap on the backside of your iPhone to capture the screenshots.

Double tap screenshot is way better than the normal button press option. For the button press option, you need to press the buttons together carefully, and in most cases, iPhone users reach the Power Off window. However, the double tap option is so handy, and it helps to take the screenshot simply with one hand itself.

As said before, the double tap screenshot feature is disabled by default; you need to activate it manually. So let’s jump into the steps to activate the double tap screenshot feature on iPhone.

Steps to Activate Double Tap Screenshot Feature on iPhone

To activate the double tap screenshot feature on the iPhone, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to the Settings section of your iPhone.

Step 2: From the settings, tap on Accessibility.


Step 3: From the Accessibility listing, click/tap on the Touch option listed within Physical and Motor.


Step 4: Now, in the next window, scroll down to the very bottom, and you will find an option called Back Tap.


Step 5: It might be turned off by default. Tap on Back Tap to activate it.

Step 6: On the next page, you will find two items listed: Double Tap and Triple Tap.


Step 7: Click on the Double Tap option, and you will see a list of items in the next window.


Step 8: You can find the Screenshot option listed within the System listing. Tap on Screenshot; you will find a tick mark on the side.


Step 8: Done; the double tap to screenshot option on iPhone is now enabled. You can tap on the back button or close the app to exit.

Now, you can double tap on the backside of your iPhone to take the screenshot. Remember, the double tap should be done on the back side, not on the screen.

Also, note that the double tap screenshot option is activated on the Accessibility option, a customizable option. You can change the double tap option with any other functions like Mute, Screen Lock, Camera, Siri, Torch, etc. Alternatively, you can also enable the screenshot on your iPhone with a triple tap option with the help of the same Accessibility settings.

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