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The name Interserver may be familiar to some people, but for many, it might not be like that. Interserver is one of the best affordable Web Hosting providers based in New Jersey, USA. When it comes to Web Hosting, the names come into our mind are Godaddy, Bluehost, Dreamhost, etc. Those providers are so popular and they have their own place in the market.

But the list will never end with that. There are so many other hosting providers who provide best and cheap web hosting services from different parts of the world, especially from the US and India. Even within that, we have good options, whereas some others are not so good as they advertise.

Here we are sharing some details about Interserver, one of the growing and best Web Hosting services that we can trust. Before going into details, I would like to tell you that, I am a user of Interserver for the past one and a half years and still using the same for my few other websites.

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Interserver Web Hosting

Interserver is a hosting provider which provides affordable unlimited hosting plans to its customers. They are based in New Jersey, USA and have experience in the field for more than 15 years. They have their own data center located in different parts of the US.

Hosting Provided by Interserver

Like all other hosting providers, Interserver is also providing Shared Linux hosting, Reseller Hosting, ASP.Net Hosting, VPS & Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, etc.

The best part with the Interserver that we like most is their monthly payment option. In other hosting services, even though we have a monthly payment option, we cannot afford their rate. If they are offering $4 or $5 per month plan, but in that case, the user needs to pay 3 years payment together. And if they prefer to pay monthly, then the price will be $10 or above which is almost double.

But this is not the case with Interserver, if you prefer to pay monthly, then the monthly payment will be $5 only for an unlimited hosting plan. If you prefer to pay yearly, then the total price will be $54 (monthly $4.5) and for 3 years plan, the price will be $144 (monthly $4).

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Also, the price you choose at the beginning will be the same at the time of renewal too. Whereas in some other hosting services, the renewal cost will be somehow double that of the first price. But with Interserver, you will get the same price lock feature all the time, until you cancel your subscription.

Interserver – Best options for Beginners

Without any doubt, we can say that Interserver is the best choice if you are planning to buy a hosting service. Since they provide the monthly payment option, give a try of it and experience their service. With the hosting, many have the doubt of choosing the best option. Here the answer, since Interserver provides the monthly payment option, you can try it without any big investment, Just start with $5. If you really like their service, you can continue otherwise you can just stop there. But from our experience, you might not find any issues. To begin with, please use our coupon code or using the link added at the bottom, so that the first month will be charged at $0.01. So just needs to pay $0.01 at the beginning and $5 (regular price) from next month onwards.

Why do we like Interserver?

There are a few reasons why we like their service.

  • Support – When it comes to hosting, one of the most important this is the support. We may find so many difficulties in configuration and some other things. Interserver support teams are super quick. They are available 24hrs and the team is good in understanding the issues and fixing them.
  • Daily Backups – They used to take the backup of your database regularly, and at any time if you need the backup, you can contact them so that they will be happy to help you with it.
  • Monthly Payment – They are the only provider that provides the price lock feature and low monthly payment option. So, we can stop their service at any time if we feel that, Interserver is not good for us. But, it won’t happen, for us, we are happily paying since 2017.
  • Unlimited Hosting – All the service is provided with unlimited usage, space, bandwidth, email, add on domain, subdomain, databases, etc.

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Features of Interserver

  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Weekly Backups
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Cloud Apps
  • SSD Caching Servers
  • Raid-10 Storage
  • Speed Optimization
  • Ultra Fast Web Server – LiteSpeed
  • Cloud Linux OS
  • 10GB Cisco Network
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • Control Panel
  • Cron Jobs
  • File Manager
  • Backup / Restore
  • phpMyAdmin

If you are looking for a best reliable, affordable and trustworthy hosting service, then no doubt you can try Interserver. Just host your website for $5 per month and decide yourself after one month whether to continue or not based on your experience.

If you are purchasing with our coupon code ‘TECHROUNDER’, you will get the first-month subscription for only $0.01. You can also buy using the following link. Buy Unlimited Interserver Web Hosting for $0.01.

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