Kerala Vehicle Registration Number Check Using mParivahan App

Kerala Vehicle Registration Number Check was done using the Kerala motor vehicle department’s smart system earlier. However, now the data is migrated to the parivahan database, and we can do the Kerala vehicle registration number check on the parivahan website or app called mParivahan.

Now, all the RTO vehicle registration details are available in a central system, and all the states in the country moved the data to the Parivahan server. So now, users can check vehicle registration details from a single window.

Here we tested the details with Kerala Vehicle Registration details for the review. However, the system is universal for all the states, and hence you can check the registration details of any vehicles in the country.

Let see the steps:
Download the mParivahan app from the PlayStore or App Store. You can download it for Android devices or IOS.

Once downloaded, open the app and register with your mobile number. It will help you to save your vehicle registration details and driving license detail for future reference.

Go to the mParivahan app, and in the dashboard, you will get a simple screen with multiple options.

  • a. Dashboard
  • b. RC Dashboard
  • c. DL Dashboard


In the main dashboard, you will get RC and DL, RC means Registration Certificate, your vehicle registration details, and DL means driving license.

From the main dashboard, you can search DL or RC using the two options. Alternatively, you can search DL or RC in the corresponding panel also. All are the same.

The important thing to be noted here is that both DL and RC details should be entered without any special characters or space.

E.g., If your vehicle number is KL-34-DG-1414 then it should be entered on the parivahan system like KL34DG1414

Once the number is entered, click on the search button, and then you will get the vehicle registration details instantly.

In the application, you will get two options called ‘Create Virtual RC’ and ‘Create Virtual DL’

This option is for saving your vehicle number details and license details. Once you create an account with parivahan, then you can save your details.

To save your RC details, click on the search. Once the vehicle detail is shown, click on ‘Add to Dashboard for Virtual RC’

At this point, for verification, you need to have the engine number and chassis number. It will help to prevent anyone from using someone else RC details.

Similarly, you can search for the DL details, and the same can be added to the Virtual DL. Here also, you need to have the DOB of the person for verification.

Vehicle Registration Number Check using the parivahan website.

If you are looking to have the vehicle details for some purpose only and don’t want the mobile app, you can check the registration details directly from the website.

Visit the Parivahan website, and you can get the link here.

Enter the vehicle number without any space or special characters, as mentioned above.

Enter the security challenge answer. And click search.

You will get all the essential details related to that particular vehicle number.

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