The Rise of the Online Gaming Industry in New Zealand

New Zealanders are spending more and more time playing games online. That is largely due to an increase in mobile device usage and the growth of mobile-friendly game apps, as well as an increase in homegrown New Zealand video game developers, and international casino game operators marketing their platforms to a Kiwi audience. Let us take a close look at the rise of the online gaming industry in New Zealand.

Rise of Online Casinos in New Zealand

The online gaming industry primarily falls into two categories: video games and casino games. Both are on the rise in New Zealand. While many forms of gambling are legal in New Zealand, it is not legal for any domestic online casinos to operate. However, it is perfectly legal for New Zealanders to access international casino platforms. Therefore, it is difficult to know how much is generated from New Zealanders when they play live blackjack and other games at foreign casinos. But we do know that the number is on the rise.

Offshore operators have taken full advantage of the situation in New Zealand. More and more international casinos are targeting their marketing efforts towards Kiwis, and more online casinos are launching all the time.

So, that is one key reason why the online casino industry is on the rise in NZ. Ways in which international online casinos attract players from New Zealand include offering the New Zealand dollar as a currency option and providing other New Zealand-friendly payment methods. Also, international casinos often provide customer support to New Zealanders through a toll-free number with a New Zealand code.

The Rise of New Zealand Video Game Developers

According to the NZ Game Developers Industry Survey, the interactive media sector in the country earned revenue of NZ$323.9 million in the year up to April 2020, which was an increase of NZ$121 million in the previous year. While things like smartphones and fast internet speed have contributed to New Zealanders playing more online video games, the gaming industry in New Zealand is also seeing more homegrown game developers making headway.

The New Zealand government has recognized that providing digital exports is one of the best ways to create economic recovery in the face of the recent lockdowns, and video games are at the heart of that. New Zealand is heavily investing in supporting young entrepreneurs and emerging gaming enterprises. As part of this initiative, online video games created by New Zealand developers are sure to increase in the coming years and more Kiwis will be getting online to play the games.

The Rise of Mobile Devices and Mobile-optimized Apps

The rise of people using mobile devices like smartphones has most certainly helped the online gaming industry to boom in New Zealand. Everyone loves playing games at their own convenience. With mobile gaming, players can play their favorite games wherever and whenever they want.

The online gaming boom in New Zealand has also been helped due to the continual improvement in gaming phones. New models are being launched in New Zealand all the time. In recent times, handsets like the OnePlus 9 Pro, the Asus ROG Phone 5, and the Xiaomi Mi 11 have all landed, and in the near future, New Zealanders will be able to play online games with devices like the Google Pixel 6 and the Sony Xperia 1 III.

The online gaming industry is not only on the rise due to the increase in mobile devices optimized for gaming and the growth of smartphone usage. It is also booming because operators have recognized the trend of playing games on phones and they have, in turn, developed mobile apps that enable customers to access content through their Android or iOS devices. With more mobile-optimized platforms for players to choose from, it is no wonder gaming in New Zealand is on the rise.

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