The Super Nintendo Entertainment System became Nintendo’s second home console, following NES (released in Japan as Famicom). The system gained enormous popularity in much of Asia, but could not achieve the popularity of its predecessor in North America and Southeast Asia due to the high competition from Sega Mega Drive.

Despite its late start, Super Nintendo became the best-selling console of the 16-bit era, but only after Sega left the 16-bit systems market, focusing on the 32-bit market. Today, all gamers can enjoy the classic game in a few clicks by playing this console via various emulators. Here is the list of games that you may forget.

Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel

Adventures of a squirrel ninja. In addition to his mastery of throwing steel combat stars, he can jump high, run fast and deftly tumbling, which is very useful when surrounded by enemies.
The squirrel also collects a variety of food, for which additional points are awarded at the end of the levels. By genre, the game is an ordinary walker without any frills. The graphics and sound are at a reasonable level, but nothing more. It is a Single-player game.

Ghost Chaser Densei

The game belongs to the perfect series of beat-em-ups Denjin Makai and Denjin Makai II / Guardians, which came out on arcade machines. Version for Demolished high status also supports. Without any exaggeration, it is one of the best representatives of the 16-bit genre. Heroes have a great variety of punches, throws, and superkicks. No other massacre on Sege and Snes has such a variety of combinations.

Moreover, in a cooperative mode, additional super-powerful attacks and opportunities are opened. Due to this, beat-em-up can be called the best choice for playing together.

Rushing Beat Ran

The continuation of the game Rushing Beat (Rival Turf!) Turned out to be better. Now there are five characters in the game: a blond judoka, a green ninja, a paratrooper, a man in red uniforms and a blond-haired wrestler girl (strong character). First, we select two heroes, the rest will be kidnapped, and we will gradually save them.

There is an opportunity to run and beat with a run. Enemies are pretty fast and fat. In the American version, labyrinths were made in two places, so it is better to prefer a straight-line Japanese version. The real highlight of the game is Ikari Mode: when a certain amount of damage is received, the character becomes invulnerable and super-strong. An outstanding plot that allows you to enjoy the game no worse than other super nintendo roms.


An exciting RPG from Enix. Your hero is a young inventor. He must save the planet from the invasion of aliens. The battle is not for him, but for robots (up to 3 pieces), which must be created using individual machines.

Gaining experience in fighting, the hero gets new opportunities for creating components (weapons, shields, bombs) for robots, and the robots themselves become more powerful and resilient. Also, the levels are gaining and equipment — an impressive single-player game.

F-ZERO Grand Prix 2

A racing game. A choice of 4 cars with different characteristics. Choosing a car, league, and difficulty, the player is transferred to the track. The track is fenced with force fields that break the car when hit in them. If the player still moved into the wall, then the vehicle can be repaired at the pit stop.

There are cuts on the tracks. You can still quickly fly off the road, ruining the car. The graphics in the game are excellent – 3D tracks and beautiful cars, what more could a real rider want? The music in the game is excellent, as well as a sound.


Our hero must defeat the sinister monster and restore peace. Before that, you will have to overcome many missions connected in a bizarre and exciting story. First, you need to visit five towers in your world, and then travel on Earth, restoring life and human activity.

Different types of weapons and defenses, magic rings, and the assistance of friends, including animals, are given to help. You can jump, run, and over time, other abilities appear — an exciting single-player game with excellent graphics and music.

Turn and Burn – No-Fly Zone

Nice flight simulator. Your fighter starts with an aircraft carrier and must return after that completing a combat mission. This task, mainly, consists in the elimination of enemy aircraft (such as MIGs).

The control of the fighter is convenient and comfortable, the graphic execution of the game is quite high quality. Two difficulty levels. Who likes solid games on the theme of forays, will undoubtedly be satisfied with this game. It is also the right choice for gamers who prefer to play snes games online.

Pocky & Rocky 2

The game from the very beginning attracts attention with a beautiful rich picture and melodic music. The first level is training, on it we learn the main features of the game: throwing magic cards, stabbing with a rod, throwing a partner into an enemy, turning into a partner. Yes, in this game, we are accompanied by a computer partner.

The level of health corresponds to the number of clothes for the main character. Items can be found in chests and bought in stores. Turning into a partner allows you to take advantage of his abilities (for example, access to awkward places). Two levels will enable you to saddle a dog and a dragon — a decent game for all players.

Rendering Ranger R2

A cool futuristic shooter from the creator of the magnificent Turrican series. We play for the special forces who protect the Earth, and the few earthlings left after the crushing invasion of aliens. The graphics and sound are magnificent. The gameplay will delight all fans of shooting. The hero collects various weapons, and after two levels, he will ultimately transfer to a spaceship.
Next, the game will alternate between two modes: flight on a fighter and character sorties on enemy territory. Separately, many gamers highlight bosses who impress with their elaboration, and sometimes with size.

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